Looking to sell my Digitech DSP 256 Multieffects Rack Mount Processor. It is a powerful processor that comes with 128 fixed presets with up to 4 effects at once and 128 more customizable effects. You can also edit the titles and parameters of the effects on the bright LCD screen. Effects included are reverb, delay, flanger, parameteric EQ, gated reverb, reverse gate and many more.

This is one of the best processors for clean sounds with a wide variety of reverbs. Good to add to your pedal/rack chain.

Functionality: 9/10 - All presets are working and customization works too.
Cosmetics: 7/10 - This is an old unit and has some scratches and paint chips. But these won't be noticeable once park of a rack as they are only on top and bottom.

You can find a picture of the effect and some decription from this link:

I would like to let it go for SGD 170 negotiable. Please contact me asap at 9-seven-2-6-2-1-zero-8. I will be travelling for work from Thursday evening onwards for 2 weeks. So do contact me asap if you are interested.

Thank you.