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Thread: The usual 'Looking for an amp-like distortion pedal' thread

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    The usual 'Looking for an amp-like distortion pedal' thread

    So I've been using the barber dirty bomb for quite a long time, and I'm thinking of getting an upgrade because the dirty bomb doesn't really cut it on some amps at gigs where they provide the amps. It's just kind of empty in the mids no matter how I tweak it, so it doesn't sound full nor cut through a mix.

    What's good nowadays regarding medium- high ish gain distortion pedals that sound amp-like?
    I'm partial to the modern-voiced sound aka Mesa boogie, but I could deal with a Marshall voiced sound too.
    I'd also really prefer it if I could get said pedal in stores here so I won't have to hassle with shipping and stuff.
    But if there's something that's really the best best option and it's not found here then I'm cool with ordering online too.

    So yeah, any help would be appreciated!

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    Megalith Delta, Suhr Riot, Goosoniqueworx 7thvn, JHS Angry Charlie, Wampler Triple Wreck, Tonezcar Openhaus are my top choices. All can be found in SG, instead of the Tonezcar, which requires you to be on a waiting list...which might take a while before you can order it. (Unless you find a secondhand one).

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    Re: The usual 'Looking for an amp-like distortion pedal' thread

    Wow, great. Thank you for all the options! Really appreciate it.

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