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Thread: Retail update from Vincent :D

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    Retail update from Vincent :D

    Hi all!

    The Gotoh instrument parts are officially up on the rack now! It's time to give your tuning a better stability with this top notch japanese crafted stuff! Not to mention, it increase the mojo of your axe!

    -Com'on down to Zen Guitarwerkz to find out more about Gotoh.

    Strings!!we need Strings!! Ladies and Gentlemen, Everly Strings have hit our shore! These brilliant American strings are set out to wow you and your friends! They are highly recomended by various artist and secretly used by many top bands! We've a full range from the Acoustic to Electric and not forgetting our low end buddies the Bass range! Be sure not to miss these great strings!

    -Found at all Maestro retail departments!

    Staggs wind instrument are officially in as well! Amazing price will definately leave you jaws dropping! Plus, all of them comes with a super durable hardcase! Be it ska, funk or orchestra guys, you will find the stagg rewarding!

    Soon, the stagg electric guitars,percussions and other instrument will hit the coast line of our great sunny island! So do keep a look out! These belgium instruments are definately top notched!

    -Visit Maestro@Esplanade for more info on the wind instruments!

    Support the locals from the locals! We are proud to present to you the Sahasrara Overdrive Pedal from OM Laboratories! The only reason we took them for sale at Zen Guitarwerkz isn't just purely supporting the locals, the pedal is a amazing work of art for both visual as well as audio. We are indeed shock to hear how well it can turn a simple guitar into a monster!

    -Check Zen Guitarwerkz to give it a try! Warning, high dosage of GAS involved.

    Hello kitty? Yes we've just got our Squier shipment in.These are authentic china made with license from Fender guitars. I am daring enuff to say that these are comparable to its maternal brand as well as many of the high end guitars out in the market. There is just never enough reasons to stop you from getting one of these! And we are suprised to see some real vintage colours! I'll leave that as a suprise for you!

    -Check Zen Guitarwerkz and Maestro@Esplanade on the suprising well crafted instruments! And best of all, they sound and feel great at low price!

    Did i see white? Yup after a whole lotta customer's request we've finally convinced Zen to start the line of white guitars! These are indeed beautiful looking axe that will leave deep impact to your audience! Some of my customer even told me.. since it's white, its a good "drawing block!" Time to get creative to paint some nice pictures on it! Be it country cow gazing the grazz or a stanley's axe diy! Comes in both standard classical and acoustic "000" shape!

    -Check out Zen Guitarwerkz and Maestro @ Esplanade on how to start making a custom graphic diy guitar!

    Evidence Evidence! No we aint in a crime scene right now! But these cables are running low of stock! Esp after artist like John Petrucci, John Mayer purchased and used them on their own account, these cables are hot sellers! They are indeed a way better cable then majority you'll be able to find. Highly radio noise reduction and the vintage braiding gives you the ultimate mojo! They are even moving after recent visit of Stuart Hamm during his bass clinic. He mentioned that he need special alkaline batteries, the hartke amp and the evidence cable for his basic sound!

    -Check out All Maestro's retail store for more info!

    Shubb Capo, the award winning capo are set to hit the market. If you still didnt realised that spring loaded capos are out to leave ugly capo mark on the guitar neck then most probably you are living in a cave. These shubb capo will never get worn out due to spring problems. The design is so special that it even allows you to use the capo at which ever pressure you feel the need for at a simple adjustment of a screw! Going for the same old price, these are definately the most pocket friendly capo i'll ever use. And yes i do mean pocket friendly! At least i have one in my pocket everyday!

    - Check All Maestro's retail store for more info!

    Many have been asking about "custom" stuff. I've to appologise for the delay but the custom instruments will kick start right before year end! And who knows? We might throw in a good promotional + year end package for you loyal people? I myself love see-ing ppl with customized stuff on stage! It just shows the creativity!

    Pls try not to pm me for any info here as i seldom log in! If there is any retail info you need do not hesitate to mail them to and i'll be pleased to answer your question. But of coz if there is any thing you feel you wish to discuss and share, use this forum and we'll reply asap!

    Warmest Regards

    Vincent Mah
    Retail Manager
    Maestro Guitars

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    The Sahasrara pedal is v nice... tried it out with KC on Saturday and man... what a great Blues sound to be gotten out of it!

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    Hey Crawl.. yup.. edder's pedal is amazing!

    Anyway guys.. here are some drooling pics you might wanna to take a look at...

    Stagg Cymbals are in!

    The Army of Squier including that pussy!

    All time favourite Everly Strings!

    Gotoh and Graphtechs Rule the world!!

    Battery operated budget 10watt amp tt is good for outdoor session! Come's with a free adapter!!

    Mean small lil amp! It is damn loud for its size and it sounds great too! Way louder then you expect.. we only turned on to level 3 and we don't dare to go beyond that!! Amazing! Runs on 9v battery!


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    are the stagg guitars in stock? i can't wait to get my hands on a stagg bass

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    Hi guys! some updates..

    The standard series are finally back on the rack! This time with new headstock, new look and definitely a whole lot better in terms of sound quality!

    But! Stock is very limited as production speed is still unable to meet the demand of you guys! hehe.. do come down fast!

    Also, more new custom series are in! Better improved design and killer sound.. i myself is drooling everyday when i enter the store


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    Hi all,

    From now till 30th June, all Shubb Capo will be having a 15% discount!

    Shubb capo are till date, the best capo you can get! Why?
    -They don't leave capo mark at the back of neck like a spring loaded capo
    -The life of Shubb Capo does not depend on the spring's life as there is no spring
    -They work like your finger and pressure is easily adjustable
    -They don't have a chance for you to misplace your capo and pull ur strings side ways
    -They are cheap
    -They last at least 2-3 times longer then any regular capo

    To read more, go to Shubb Official Website


    Stagg Instruments and amps are on 15% discount!

    Promotion on while stocks last.
    Promtion includes:
    -All Stagg Electric Guitar
    -All Stagg Bass Guitar

    Stagg Cymbals are now on 20% discount!
    Promotion on while stocks last.

    Also Stagg accessories are in and they includes nice stuff like
    -Effect Pedal Case(in 3 sizes)
    -Foam electric case
    -1/2 size Strat
    -Vintage spec Strat
    -1 Piece Alder Body 3TSB Strat
    -Vintage Jag shape Bass
    -Childrens' Classical Guitar with Pink Pony or Sky Blue design


    Muza pedals are in!!

    The FD55 is retailing for just $129.90

    The GP300 is retailing for just 399.90

    We've very limited stock on these pedals from HongKong

    To read more, go to GUITAR EFFECTS
    To watch a video demo done by me, go to YouTube - Maestro TV: Muza FD-55 Distortion M+ Demo


    To do some online shopping, visit My Music SG: Singapore distributor of musical instruments and get the best rate in town and delivery service!
    To read more on Maestro Guitar, visit Maestro Guitars: Singapore Handcrafted Acoustic & Classical Guitars

    Both the website have recently been revamped, do take a look!

    Warmest Regards

    Retail Manager
    Maestro Guitars

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    woo nice website

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the support, our stagg cymbals are moving fast. Grab yours before it's too late! If you are a guitarist, don't be selfish and share this news to your drummer!

    note: Only softies will get 20% off our stagg cymbals. Do mention "i'm a softy" to get the 20% discount.

    Hurry! While Stock last.

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