Hi there all aspiring musicians,

I teach ELECTRIC GUITAR from beginner Onwards. Lessons are conducted at my house at Hillview (near Bukit Batok), with lesson materials, guitars(optional), amplifiers and other music tools available for use.

Lesson fee are as such:
Individual: $20 / 40mins , $25 / 1hr
Lesson duration depends on individual learning curve and preferences.

About me:
Chinese , male, currently pursuing final year university studies as well.
I played the electric guitar for almost 9 years, and have close to 5 years of teaching experience.
Used to relief teach at a few small music schools in the west as an electric guitar teacher. Played at community events, school gigs and mini showcases. Latest was the Yew Tee NDP neighbourhood celebration.
Music has been pretty much my life and i learned piano and music theory as well. I play both the piano and electric guitar, though the later is my main instrument of focus / interest. Also personal study on music recording.

I know many students seek flexibility and engaging lessons that are enjoyable. Ultimately, my goal is to keep you motivated and interested to learn more and willingly improve to be a guitarist.
Style wise, i cover from blues, funk , rock to abit a heavy side , and most importantly everyone's favourite pop music.
My Lessons are designed such that students are put through syllabus of different books and schools, with flexibility of pin pointing specific things things they wish to learn, or focus on what they wish to achieve. Lessons have been revised thoroughly over the years with past experience to deliver the most effective and engaging lessons suited for different individuals. I will print out materials accordingly as well for each student. I also teach through songs that the student loves for a more well rounded learning experience. From a song, you will find that you can actually apply what you have learned and gain much more from it. Ask any professional guitarists and they will give you a similar answer to approaching guitar learning.

I know many will want to learn about equipments as well, and essential skills like how to play in a band as an electric guitarist and how to behave professionally as a musician which I will cover too. Music Theory is also a must to play proper so expect that taught too. I hope to teach people the proper way to play and how to practise right. Theory will be based around the syllabus of ABRSM and also those useful to guitar playing.

As for my students, i always urge them to practise and practise. Its better to come prepared. My goal is to impart to you the knowledge and skills, to equip you with the ability to practise, improve and explore at home. Learning an instrument is ultimately up to your own effort and motivation. A teacher is a guide, someone to keep you motivated, and someone whom you can seek help from.
Always look for motivation to improve yourself!
Now I will only be taking in a total of 6 students/pairs for better teaching attention for each students as well as focus on my own final year studies.
Having revised my teaching approach and lessons, I hope to guide my students to becoming independent guitarists/musicians and be apart of their influence to music learning.

Why would you want to take my private lessons?

Well, first of all its gentle on the wallet of course! Trust me I have been through the pains of learning music, saving up every bit I could! Most music schools offer lessons at average $37-$40 / 50mins lesson(I feel it is too short), with their policies of adhered schedules and recommended course lessons. Not saying they are bad! I attended music schools too, with some well known(in the Singapore scene that is) session players as my teacher!
I offer $25/hr which is better in terms of value
Secondly, personal lessons are more flexible! For days where you cannot make it for the scheduled lesson, just fix another appointment with me. Easy!
Lastly, I do upfront payments for every lesson, not monthly payments. (Hurray for those tight on cash haha)

Its going to be a relaxed environment with no stress whatsoever. No crappy equipments and stuff. You get to learn with proper good equipments I can assure you. (Especially after my renovation! )
So if interested, do contact me at 94500560. Feel free to drop me an email at leezx89@hotmail.com if you have doubts!
Again, I may not be the BEST guitar teacher around but I will damn sure make your learning and time WORTH IT!

Rock on,

Buses : 67,75,170,173,176,171,177,970,961,963
Nearest MRT : Bukit Batok, take bus 176 (Refer to map for details)