Beatbox is a unique and classy show that is suitable for all audiences. It is not limited to Hip Hop or Youth Events.

Charles offers Beatbox Performances at:

  • Dinner and Dance Events
  • Outdoor Events
  • Indoor Events
  • Shopping Mall Performances
  • Competition Performances
  • Competition Judging
  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • School Performances

Whether you are an Entertainment Company, Corporate Company, Dinner and Dance Planner, Entertainment Agency or an Event Organiser, Charles would like to get in touch with you to perform at your event.

Beatbox Performance

2013 has been a great year of performances, and Charles Stitch Wong the Entertainer is back in 2014 to bring you even more show stopping entertainment.

Starting from the basic beatboxing sounds, Charles slowly builds up his routine from the base and takes his audiences on a journey that they will never forget. Be prepared for unusual entertainment that your audience will thank you for, as he is a musician like no other.

Say no to additional hassle and stress at your event Ė Charles only requires a 2 microphones and a power socket. And if you donít have those at your private party, contact Charles and he will bring his own. *

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Contact Charles Today at .

*Depending on availability.