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Thread: Yamaha U1 or Kawai K3/K5? Pls help

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    Yamaha U1 or Kawai K3/K5? Pls help

    I m getting a piano and cant decide between a Yamaha U1 or a kawai K3 or K5(silent series for all). Any advice? i've tried on the yamaha U1, but find the sound too bright for me, maybe cos all these years ive been using a Kawai. Was told tat a Kawai K3 is comparable to Yamaha U1 is tis true? or should I get a K5?

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    piano-wise ... you can't compare it as if u're comparing a keyboard / synth

    piano, you need to compare between individual piano ...

    even in 1 brand must compare also .....
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    mm.. ok but is Kawai K3 good enough to take diploma?

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