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Thread: Looking for Classical Guitar Teacher

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    Looking for Classical Guitar Teacher

    Hi all,

    My name is Fredrick Goh and currently work fill time as a taxi driver. I was made aware of this forum from a friend of mine. I have briefly look through the forum and this section seems to be the place for pple who is looking for a private tutor.

    am looking for a classical guitar teacher who can help me to achieve Grade 8 in Classical Guitar. I current possess Grade 5 Classical Guitar practical from LCM and is currently attending a neighbourhood school. The reason I am looking for a private tutor is because I feel the school is not interested to nuture me as a student and the class is simply too big for the teacher to even pay slight attention to me.

    The teacher must be able to assist me to register for examination or at least advice me how to register as a private candidate. I am also looking to expand my playing capabilities in a small band settings. I am a discipline student who practise 1-2 hrs daily after I finish my taxi nightshift.

    This is my first time looking for a private tutor and have no idea on the ethics and price range. Therefore pls pardon me if my post is abrupt and bashful. Kindly share with me what r the things u need me to do to secure a private tutor and I will try my best to meet your requirement.

    Should I leave my handphone number here?

    Thank you for reading my post.

    Fredrick Goh aka Blackprince

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    Sry after posting I found out there is a Teacher can I shift the thread?
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    Re: Looking for Classical Guitar Teacher

    Welcome to SOFT. I have moved this to the correct section.

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    Re: Looking for Classical Guitar Teacher

    Thx for the help.

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