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Thread: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

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    Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    Please share your experience in a vocal school you've attended before!

    Did you find it useful, structured, long-term minded (as opposed to "LEARN HOW TO SING IN 2 WEEKS")?
    Also, the fees?

    Thanks =)

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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    I think structured class would be better, it is impossible to learn singing in 2 weeks.

    I have attend Ocean Butterflies vocal class for a few months. The class is quite fun, a lot of laughters, the instructor is humorous and I enjoyed it. I do find myself improved significantly as I have not learnt any singing tactic before and I do put in some hard work. However at times I do find some stuff taught rather repetitive for weeks (gets boring) and I don't find that I learn a lot on music, rather is more on basic singing tactics.

    For group class, everyone has to go through 36 lessons (2 semesters) and take an exam before proceeding to the nxt level. A bit inflexible here cos each class might have different pace and it is better if the number of lessons per level is more customized for the class. The good thing is u get a cert to certify that u hv learnt singing and passed the exam which may or may not be useful depending on how u want to use it.

    The first part of the class is vocal warming up exercise and the second part is singing a song. We are asked to sing a song for an average of 2 weeks and the teacher will comment on our singing particular to that song. We have to bring our own music accompany piece downloaded from online or app. Most of the time the song is chosen by the teacher (and he usually don't explain why he chose that song, hmm..) and sometimes he will ask us to choose a song too. Everyone gets a different song. He chose oldies for us to sing before (pls lah, i thought this is a class for young ppl), hv to "complain" a bit before he choose sth more up to date thereafter.. And we are not allowed to sing songs by singer of opposite gender due to the key of the songs, even though all of us know there are apps around tt allow us to change the key of the song, is quite inflexible in a way.

    Sometimes he got teach special tactics in songs on general but on rare occasions. I think this is the part that is lacking. If not is really up to our understanding to apply what we learnt in a particular song to songs in general.

    My classmates do enjoy the class too but here are some of their feedback... they find the environment there too formal (teacher is teacher, student is student); they don't think they can find a lot of opportunities there to the road of stardom. One heard from his friends that OB have changed the instructors there and many of the good ones have left. N the fees are rather on the high side.

    The teacher has good sense of music but not someone good at speaking. He gives us the feeling that he got limited stuff to impart. Probably is cos he lack experience as he is only in his twenties. I believe by giving him more time, he will do better in teaching. So I am hvg mixed feelings about this cos I do enjoy the class but also find that probably it is time for me to explore other music school's teaching methods. Not decided yet. And I will not reveal the name of the teacher cos i think it is not nice to do so.

    U all also share about ur experience in other schools ya!
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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    Hey thanks so much for such a detailed reply with great info. Thanks for being so objective also!

    I've narrowed down to Hark music, Lee Wei Song and Ocean Butterflies after some search on the internet. It seems OB has quite a bit of history if im not wrong? Although hark music seems more appealing judging by the way they list down the deliverables for their 3 stages:

    But i'm merely judging from the websites, so do post your opinion regarding the schools you've attended!

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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    Yup, OB is famous for producing JJ Lin haha. I have only heard of Hark and Lee Wei Song, really don't know the details about the teachings.

    But looking at the way Hark website is presented, I don't like it. Cos it gives u the impression they just want to make money not really at nurturing students, judging from the way they advertise, eg. "GUITAR EXPRESSWAY ™ 3-Weeks Accelerated Programme" and "a total beginner... to a live audience, in just 3 weeks!" It reminds me of the quick money making scheme, sth like "Make $10,000 in just 3 weeks!" I might be wrong though, I don't know. N they nvr introduce about their instructors too. Actually come to think of it, OB website also didn't.

    LWS's website got introduction about the instructors there, gives a impression of friendly environment.

    Recently I attended a workshop by FM Pop Music school, and I really learnt a lot from Jim Lim in just a short session. But the instructor is not him, is another teacher, who just joined the school, he was from LWS. I got some interaction with him, but I think it is still too short to pass any opinions abt him. I heard Jim Lim will come down to supervisor his instructors teaching every now and then.

    And another sch tt I heard of is Millet Music, I heard tt a lot of gd OB ex-instructors went over there to teach.
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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    Not too sure whether Verve Music School is a good option..
    I am planning to take on Vocal Lessons!

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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    Search up Speech Level Singing Singapore

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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    Personally been to Hark Music twice for vocals. The first time I attended for about 3-4 months (up till Level 2), course fee was about $160/pax for group of 6. I personally liked the teacher a lot so I felt it was pretty good but I had to quit due to other commitments. I really improved a little after that 3-4 months, the lesson was fun and encouraging Duration was 1.5hrs, once/week.

    HOWEVER, I went back about a year later with my friend (private lesson for 2 at $220/pax) for an hour once/week. I wanted the same instructor but was told he left and the new instructor was really inexperienced and bad so we quit at 4 lessons.

    Before I joined HARK I was debating between Hark and LWS.. but then when I called LWS the service wasn't very good so I chose HARK. I didn't regret the first time though, I sincerely enjoyed it and recommended them to a lot of people, but now I'm having second thoughts after the 2nd time hahaha. Honestly it really depends on your instructors. But you can actually request for a change so it's not too bad since the location is quite convenient as well.

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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    I heard verve music school not bad.. cousin is taking lessons there and the teacher is a multi instrumentalist. quite outgoing too! i guess you could always go for trial lessons to test water hahaha

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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    Hey thanks for all the replies, sry for abandoning this thread for so long lol.

    I've been studying under Millet Music School for about 3 months already, and I have definitely improved and learned a lot of from them! All the terms they've taught me so far helps me to visualise a lot better and isolate which is the part I need to change or work on, instead of a simple "sounds nice" or "sounds weird" comment.

    I went in with quite a bit of skepticism about vocal coaching in general, but now I'm very glad that I'm receiving a holistic educatioin about vocals, instead of just random crash course and those "learn how to sing in two weeks" kind of fluffy stuff.

    So all in all, judging from how other music schools describe their courses when I called them last time, schools like Lee Wei Song, Ocean Butterfly, Hark music all should be teaching in similar ways as my school. So I would recommend anyone who is very determined to learn singing go to one of these schools, OR, of course, you can come to my school =)
    But the last time I checked, the other schools requires about $55/hr for a trial lesson, which is exactly the same price as their usual lesson. Whereas Millet Music offers one free trial lesson.
    (However I would recommend Hark music the least because their marketing seems a bit too fluffy for me to trust them completely. They might still have the standard though, I'm just being a bit suspicious)

    Pinkiepie: I might have missed out some schools such as this one when I was searching for them last time haha! Do let us know if your cousin becomes significantly better a few months later =)
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    Re: Which is the best vocal music school in singapore in your opinion?

    I wouldn't know which is the best school as I've only been to one.

    I've been taking classes at FM Pop for half a year and yes, Jim Lim does assess us from time to time. I feel that this school would give me more opportunities? Like we would be able to perform when we have a few songs we can master. It's quite flexible, we can choose or suggest songs we want to try and the teacher will play it out. I feel that he is good, because even if he doesn't know the song, he can listen to it for awhile and figure out the chords. The lessons are balanced in that sometimes he would teach us the basic techniques, and some days we will just sing our songs and he will point out our mistakes along the way.

    The teacher encouraged us to go for Project Superstar this time and would give us tips.

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