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Thread: Skateboarders/BMX Riders/Bladers that are musicians

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    Skateboarders/BMX Riders/Bladers that are musicians

    HELLO! i thought starting this thread might be interesting since i know quite a number of skaters that are also musicians

    lets share about our experiences.

    some skateboarders dare not push the limit as any injury would mean a couple of weeks/months out.

    what about you?

    my middle finger _i_ got cut really deep once and i couldnt touch my guitar for quite awhile cos it was really swollen and hurt like shit.
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    i used to skate during my primary school days. Then came the point of time where i started playing tennis and guitar. So after about 3 years, i stopped cause i didn't want to risk not touching my racket and guitar...

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    ^lol, i gave up tennis for guitar. all those strings just costed me way too much.

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    i wanna learn tennis.
    and i believe its racquet not racket. :lol:

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    I used to skate and broke my arm 3 times.. I dont skate anymore though..

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    wo.. army pes C!

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    Ya confirm! Haha!

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    i wanna learn skateboarding but no chance to.

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    racquet is a variant of racket. Hahaha. I'm playing tennis and guitar now. My deck's collecting dust...

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    i use to skate. .. now the dam board is collecting dust under my bed ..
    wouldnt mind giving it away for like 20 bucks .. HAHA

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