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Thread: Forming a Post-Hardcore Band

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    Forming a Post-Hardcore Band

    Hi My name is Daniel..Call me Danny..I wanna form a post-hardcore/metalcore/alternative rock/pop punk/pop rock/electronicore/trancecore band in Singapore

    I'm currently looking for a lead guitarist,rhythm guitarist,bass guitarist(bassist) and a drummer(plays double bass pedal)
    I sing,scream and I can blow the stage..My influences are Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil

    We are gonna do some covers and we are gonna start our own originals too

    Doesn't matter the gender..Age:14-19

    I'm also a songwriter too..

    If you're interested,do reply to this thread/ad....or you can email met at (whichever way you want it c: )

    I hope to hear from all of you soon...and Cheers (^_^)
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    Re: Forming a Post-Hardcore Band

    Hi , bassist and screamer here

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    Re: Forming a Post-Hardcore Band

    Awesome..How long have you been playing bass??What's your name?

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