Hey everyone,

I am making a group on facebook to see there are people who want to make money handing out flyers and promoting bands that will come to Singapore. The company that this is for is The Linch Agency.

The pay rate is between $7 - $10 SGD depending on the job and usually work goes for 3-4 hours (with a break in the middle). Please if you are interested working there are opportunities coming up on:

November 8-10 (hours 6pm-9pm)
November 16-17 (5pm-8pm)

Please for any more information email me at james.barker95@hotmail.com or if you can definitely work call or text me at 96656132

For anyone who is interested in handing out flyers please request to join this group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/408167052642812/