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Thread: Band Home Recording

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    Band Home Recording


    Anybody out there care to help me out here...

    My band wanna do our own recording(multi layered recording) but the plan is to record the drums & vocals from the studio. As for the guitar & bass, i intend to do home recording. But here are the problems that i faced.

    1. I have a pc but not sure wat soundcard to use. Wat soundcard is needed?

    2. How to record the guitars? I have a zoom G2.1U which has a USP interfaced to hook it to a pc & a cubase steinberg le software is provided. But each time I record the guitars the sound is very fuzzy. Any advise on this? Do I still need to get something like a Line6 Toneport?

    3. Is it possible to record the drums in the studios 1st & then do the guitar works at home?

    4. I have a drum program called beatcraft but I got prob recording it with my guitar as each time do layered recording, there seems to be 2 drums playing. How tosolve on this? Is it becoz of the output source?

    Pls advised me on the setup & budget oso. I am still a raw rookie learning the ropes of home recording. Budget around $500 for all recording equipments

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    to answer your questions :

    1. a soundcard with low latency, your usual creative soundcard is more for "playback" usage. not recording. you'll face some kinda latency problems most likely. those m audio firewire ones can do, even line6 toneport USB ones also can. unless something more stable like PCI cards.

    2. yes , zoom G2 i'm assuming as an "efx" rack, D.Ied for recording will sound very fuzzy. like plugged into a microwave. even for line6/behringer (copy) , it doesn't sound fuzzy , but still has that "D.I" digital sound. face it, nothing will beat the sound of a distortion guitar signal being pushed out from a speaker cone. you're better off guitar > zoom > amp > mic > etc etc etc...

    3.yes it is possible as long as you know how to.

    4. 2 drums or laggy drums (latency) ? this one might be a little hard to answer cos I never used that before..

    what I can recommend is, if you really wanna cut down on "studio recording" costs.

    1) go to beat merchants , they provide some kinda $25 per hr recording. 8 channels/tracks. tell them your plan and say you only want the seperate raw drum tracks after that. (hihat.wav,leftcrash.wav,rightcrash.wav,snare.wav, kick/tom/tom/tom) etc..

    2a) get something like a samson USB mic
    record guitar/vocals/bass with it and mix the drums.

    2b) get a zoom H4 recorder. with your budget of $500 it's enough. 2 condenser XY stereo mics + guitar D.I emulation functions + acts as audio interface too.

    import to your PC and mix.

    have fun.
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    yes, you can record the drums and vocals in the studio and bring it home to mix with your guitar/bass tracks.

    in fact, you can try to record everything at home to confirm the arrangement and use it as a guide track when recording drums/vocals in the studio.

    * remember to use the click to maintain a steady time.

    1. your Zoom should be good.

    2. can you record something and let us listen? the Zoom should be quite ok.

    3. yes

    4. you MUST learn to use the Cubase. hee...hee.. follow the manual page to page.

    learning multi-track recording is fun. not always easy but definitely something worth doing.

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    yes! learning multitrack recording is fun man. sometimes if not for upgrading gear or high living standards in singapore, I'd charge rates enough for me to eat chap chai png. (economic rice). life is at its most complete when you're done recording/mixing and ppl love your work. and life increases it's worth by having a desire to improve your mixes and impress.

    complete your life now!

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    reality check : it's not easy. but once you learn to have fun and look at the positive side of it. it's a fulfilling feeling you can't find anywhere else except if you found a cure for cancer/aids.
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    band recording

    Hi blueprint

    U said abt the zoom H4. If i used that then it will be ggod enuf for the band recording & do not have to go to the studio to do recording?

    U also said something abt samson mics. If i get the mics then I can record straight thru the mic placed near my amps? Will it still sound fuzzy? hate those fuzzy sounds man.

    As for the line6 toneport, it means that it is indeed a soundcard? So which means if i get a toneport, I do not need to upgrade my PC soundcard?

    As for beat merchants, do they do multi layered recording? I do not like to do live recording coz it will sound damn messy.

    Cubase is a nice program but mine is provided when i got my zoom, & i believed that its not a full program.

    As for the suggestions u gave me, which one is the best in terms of results in your opinion? Using samson mics or zoom H4 better for guitar recording? If I used any of those mentioned above, how to place them near my amps to avoid the fuzziness? & also if I do guitar recording with the drums, won't they be an extra drum loop in it coz there will be 2 drum recordings instead of 1? Enlighten me my brothers...

    Btw, thanks for all the advice in advance.

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    Btw, how to post my music sample at this thread? :lol:

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    1. zoom H4 is an expensive stereo recorder. not suitable if your goal is to have better recording.

    2. do you like the sound coming out from your amp? the microphone will reproduce about 70% to 80% of that sound.

    3. toneport is similar to your zoom. except it has additional input for microphone.

    4. the cubase you got is more than enough. really.


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    to answer :

    "using zoom H4 , good enough for band recording, no need studio recording"
    well , as you can see, zoom H4 has 2 XY condensers. and 2 additional XLR inputs. it is a 4 multitrack recorder. the most you can record out of it after getting one is :
    2 XY condensers as "cymbals/toms stereo mic" + snare mic + kick mic.

    OR 2XY condensers as "cymbals stereo mic" + snare/kick/tom/tom/tom mic >> into a 5 channel mixer >> Zoom H4.

    then layer the rest. one by one.

    "samson mics"

    ok i'm talking about 1, just ONE samson USB mic here. not mics. and no it shouldn't sound fuzzy unless your amp is fuzzy, then it's recording "fuzzy".

    "line6 toneport"
    it's a 2 mic preamp + cab simulator + soundcard all in one. for like what $300. but keep in mind, Zoom H4 is a 2 mic preamp + 2 onboard mics + cab simulator (I believe, but line6 one sure better) + soundcard/audio interface in one. for top up price. and not forgetting it's mobile. so yes, you don't need to get a new soundcard upon getting it.

    "Beat Merchants"
    yes they do multilayered recording from the last time I went or layer it's your call.

    why isn't it a full program? does it record 8 channels simultaneously or more ? if it does, it's more than enough isn't it.

    samson usb mic = 1 mic, an audio interface, price wise as stated here
    it's $245. (I didn't know it was this costly actually, now that I think about it maybe it's not worth it)

    line6 toneport = depending on the model. lets say UX1
    no mic, you gotta buy another, 1 mic preamp + has cab sim etc. more capabilities than samson usb. if UX2 gives you 2 mic preamps.

    zoom H4 = i disagree with SOFT as just an expensive stereo recorder , it's a 4 (capable) multitrack recorder, 2 inbuild mics, 2 xlr/1/4jack inputs, audio interface, extra stuff like tuner/cab simulator etc. but end of the line it is expensive, about $400+ (within your budget) I think. I remember seeing someone selling it 2nd hand at $280. but very worth for its mobility and battery powered capability. 2 electret condenser mics of that sort would have cost $200, audio interface lets say another $150+, 2 mic preamps etc another $200 at least. and all the extra crap like tuner/cab simulator. and end of it all imagine the WEIGHT you have to carry it everywhere. and you're saving money at least for 2 more xlr cables (not cheap ok) for the 2 mics.

    if I were you i'd recommend only line6 toneport or zoom h4 only now haha. cos you seem to be able to do more with it. and line6 toneport is ideal if you're recording at home on your PC. with its own guitar D.I (line6 is usually the leading sound in D.I i guess.) but if you want to record mobile like record drums on your own at jamming studios (get permission first before you get kicked out.) you can do alot more on your own with the zoom H4. or even add on a sub-mixer once you get more mics etc.

    in case you were wondering, how are you gonna guide the drummer with just him playing drums? then you'll need a seperate mp3 player or something with your own home guide guitar recording, play it to his earphones , and let him play the drums, and let the H4 record.

    to put up your recording ,try registering an account at or use ?

    "last question - if I do guitar recording with the drums, won't they be an extra drum loop in it coz there will be 2 drum recordings"
    I think you're confused on the way to record. and you're confusing me on the whole drum loop thingy. hahah. what exactly do you mean??
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    & also if I do guitar recording with the drums, won't they be an extra drum loop in it coz there will be 2 drum recordings instead of 1? Enlighten me my brothers...

    If you are recording an electric guitar direct to the mixer no. If you are mic-ing the amp, then yes you will probably be able to hear the drums in the background of the guitar track. Some people like this "bleeding". Just that if your drummer screws up one take, your guitarist has gotta be in on the re-recording. heh.

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    Few questions

    1. Is it possible if i record my guitars & bass at home & then go to beat merchants & do the drum tracks? I'm using cubase sx to record the guitars & bass.

    2. After recording my guitars & bass, I will save it as a cubase file. Can i bring the file to the studios n tell them that i wanna record the drums? Or i should use the same program as the one used by beat merchants to record my guitars?

    3. As for mixing & mastering, any studios to recommend?

    Help me!! LOL

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