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Thread: big parts clearance part II

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    big parts clearance part II

    OEM black floyd rose - $15

    Silver SSS strat pickguard used - $10

    GFS single coil pickup. I forgot the model name - $25

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    Re: big parts clearance part II

    USED fernandes sustainer set - $75. This set works. BUT FAIR WARNING, ITS COMPLICATED TO INSTALL. Taken out from a fernandes guitar i bought off soft that previous owner relic-ed, and somehow when this guy reliced it he neglected to take out the electronics, thats why the pickups look like that. You get the full set of parts, wiring diagram and a stock high-output fernandes bridge pickup. I am not responsible if you don't know how to install it.

    OEM aged wired SSS strat pickup harness - $25. This one actually sounds decent. Taken out of an old strat i got from a trade.

    OEM strat pickups - $10 each - $30 for all 4

    MIscellaneous plastics. Black/cream pickup mount rings - $2 ea. Cream LP back cavity covers + cream LP pickguard - $5. Single coil pickup covers white - $1 each. White Pearl LP Pickguard unused (didnt fit mine) - $5.

    - - - Updated - - -

    PM for deal. All are negotiable.

    Self pickup only at my place in central area, and at my convenience.

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    Re: big parts clearance part II

    fernandes sustainer set - reserved

    oem black floyd rose - reserved
    silver sss pickguard - reserved

    cream lp pickguard+back covers - reserved
    cream pu mount rings - reserved
    oem strat pickup for neck - reserved
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