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Thread: Learn to play the guitar and sing to a song of your choice in 10 lessons! :)

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    Learn to play the guitar and sing to a song of your choice in 10 lessons! :)

    Hi there!

    Have always wanted to play the guitar and sing along to your favorite artist songs, and you are not sure where's a good starting point to begin with?

    Yes, internet is a good resource to begin with, but like in everything in life, a good teacher will make the learning process easier and enjoyable for you.

    I'm Edmund, your friendly guy-next-door! I picked up the guitar and vocals via a popular music playing system from veteran teachers, and in turn, will make sure you have fun learning how to play and sing at the same time!

    Why me? because I, like you, started out playing the guitar, singing at a later age. Many people found it harder to grasp the guitar play/vocal techniques due to low to non-existent music foundation. I managed to work through the systems and develop a series of simplified techniques to ensure even the newest of the newbies will understand and start playing and singing after a couple of lessons

    Here's a video of me playing live with guitar and singing along with the tune:

    It's entirely possible for you to play and sing at the same time, it's just a matter of time and the not-giving up spirit! I teach both online (via SKYPE) and offline (home, office, or your place), so if you are interested in playing the guitar and singing your favorite song, contact me via the following methods today!

    1. SKYPE: add me up with the following ID: "EDMLTW (Edmund Lee)

    2. EMAIL: send me a email to "EDZ@EDZMUSIC.COM"

    3. MOBILE: PM me and I'll send you my mobile

    4. Private Messages: You can either send me a private message in this forum or contact me on Facebook via the following URL:

    - - - - -


    I believe this is the segment which you might be most particularly interested in. I charge reasonable rates according to employment status:

    Working adults:
    1. Location: My place (near Macpherson MRT Station) $35 per lesson (1 hour)
    2. Location: a rented office near Kovan MRT Station - $40 per lesson (1 hour) (Specific Hours)
    3. Location: Your Home -Ranging from $45 ~ $60 depending on your house location (1 hour)

    Students: (show me your student ID :P)
    - Minus $5 from all the rates above (ain't that awesome :P)

    - Contact me for more information (I teach young kids too, but on a case-to-case basis)

    - - - - -

    Still not sure whether you are convinced I am the right teacher for you? We can always arrange for a meet up and chat over a drink or even a meal. Contact me today via SKYPE, Facebook, Email or Private Message. Let's chat!

    Sweetest Regards,
    Edmund Lee - A Singer/Songwriter born, raised and based in Singapore

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    Re: Learn to play the guitar and sing to a song of your choice in 10 lessons! :)

    *PS: Hey, you there! Do you really, really, really want to learn how to play a guitar or vocals, but you can't afford my regular rates? contact me and tell me about it. I'll see what I can do

    *PSS: Have fun with music! It's a beautiful musical world out there! - A Singer/Songwriter born, raised and based in Singapore

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