And finally, putting the crown jewel of my studio on sale. This is pretty much it for a mono analog synth, and I'm fine with not being able to move it. I could use the extra cash however, so if anyone happens to be looking for one, well you're in luck. The Old School model is discontinued and is unparalleled apart from the Model D for hands-on performance tweaking, no menu-diving or presets to get in the way here.

My Voyager is in mint condition, and I got it from the States a couple of years back, and it has given me absolutely no issues. Back when available it cost US$2695 new from Moog (before shipping, and shipping cost a bomb considering how large and heavy this thing is), now you can't get it new even if you wanted to, unless you pay through the nose for it. It'll come with the original power cord.

I'm looking to get S$3000 for this, dealt at my convenience at my place. It's available for testing as well if need be. I'm also selling the Moog Voyager CV expander in another thread, but if anyone is interested in getting this and the expander as well, I'll throw it in for only $150 more.

Drop me a message at 9322641(one) if interested, thanks!