I'm looking for guitar trainers to run classes to teach students how to play basic chords on an acoustic folk guitar. These are local Secondary school kids (aged between 15-16) who are from the Normal stream.

This group of students are typically not academically inclined but are usually very creative and good at hands-on activities. On top of that, this particular group of students that I'm working with are those with low attendance rates and therefore the need for the school to conduct different activities to entice them back to school.

I don't run a social enterprise but if you, like me, have a heart in nurturing the next generation and giving them a general sense of direction on how they want to lead the rest of their lives, I would love to hear from you.

Some info here:
- Classes will be held on weekdays (most likely 8am-12:30pm).
- Class size will likely be about 20 studens (thus the need for one Trainer and an Asst Trainer).
- Students will be provided with their own guitar (they can bring the guitar home after the programme - more motivation for them to come to school!).
- Because the school has a budget (as with all MOE programmes ), we can only afford to pay $30 per hour for Trainers and $15 per hour for Asst Trainers as a bulk of the cost have gone into buying a guitar for each student.

Please feel free to direct your resumes and/or queries to, check out our website or Facebook page to see what we've been up to so far.

Cheers and God bless,
Rennie Soh (Mr)
M . 9690 6460