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Thread: The request Sticky...

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    keithC: hey sub.. ur review section has been un-updated for quite long alr...

    yes, it happened after the baby came into the family...

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    Congrats sub bro~
    ☺ Sis ♥ Lin ☺

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    arigato... 8)

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    Behringer DD-100 Digital Delay Pedal

    hi..can any1 gif me an rough review on Behringer DD-100 Digital Delay Pedal..i read the review in harmony central which seems gd..... 1st time user to dun wish to spend too much therefore wanna know is it ok 2 invest in this...for those who own 1...can pm me abt how ur it worth investin .... coz for wat i know...behringer product can b gd too...

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    Yo Sub..

    Could you do a review on Marshall Jackhammer?

    I have try it but still consider on buying..

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    Jackhammer (preliminary comments).

    *great for higher gain settings but could have been more saturated drive-wise. same league as Rocktron's Metal Planet...

    *dual mode- great for tonal variation

    *not quite the typical 'Marshall' tone...

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    Oh okay.. Thanks a lot Sub..

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    Can I add on to the list... The

    1) Fab distortion
    2) Fab overdrive..

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    Just wondering.. will there be a future review on the crunchbox?
    there's plenty of fuss over it..

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    Tonebone Plexitube
    Life's a Beach

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