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    How abt a DigiTech Brian May Red Special Pedal???? :?
    *Epi 2 tone sunburst strat,*Timbre Strat, white
    *Hamer XT SATQ Tobacco sunburst,*Squire Strat, white (unknown yr)
    * Boss DS-1, * Zoom G1X MultiFX

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    rocktron silver dragonnnnnnn

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    my upcoming Rocktron reviews would be:

    *Sonic Glory
    *Silver Dragon

    FYI... 8)

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    hi subversion

    heard u juz bought MXR dist III. how isit compare to BOSS DS1? i'm lookin for mid-gain dist pedal dat work well with MXR zakk wylde OD.

    thx in adv

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    sub, can you review the pocket POD please?

    when it reaches in s,pore lah. :lol:

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    i'm not a POD fan but the pocket version i'd probably acquire to keep in the office 8)

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    Modulations/Filters for a change would be nice. Ehx Q-trons, Flanger, Pulsar etc.
    ☺ Sis ♥ Lin ☺

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    Mike Mod DS-1 Live

    Hi has anyone tried dis yet?

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    hey sub.. ur review section has been un-updated for quite long alr, but on top of ur long list, i'd like a fair review of the

    MI audio crunchbox!!
    and yep, ah teck analog delay too.. thanks!
    imma musicman without a musicman.

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    Seymour Duncan SFX-08 Twin Tube Classic!!

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