Selling my Samson 8 kit drum mic set for $300.
Bought it a few years ago at Swee Lee for over $600.

The aesthetic condition is about 6/10. The original mic clips are all broken and I've replaced most of them with a normal clip, which has to be screwed onto a microphone stand.

- a case
- 2 overhead C01 drum mics
- 3 tom mics
- 1 snare drum mic (clip is broken but can be replaced with a normal clip which costs about $3-5 from Yamaha or any other music shop)
- 1 bass drum mic (clip must be replaced )
- 1 pencil condenser C02H mic

SMS me at 9023 six eight two four, if interested.


Meet at Aljunied Area during the day or at Tampines after 5.
Prefer to meet in Tampines(my home), so you can try it out first.