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Thread: Singapore Youth Flying Club - Anyone TRIED? and GOT IN?

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    I'm 17 this year (Jan baby) & just got posted to a JC through JAE. I'm also female. I've in a dilemna if I should go JC and try to join the SYFC or go to Tpoly's Aviation & Management Services which now also allow students to try for a PPL licence.
    Basically, the only ambition i have is to work as a commercial pilot in future. Probably going to have to try Jetstar/Silkair/Tiger Airways.
    Reading all the post here, it seems its very hard to get a PPL in SYFC and its very stressful to cope with SYFC & JC at the same time.
    Lost lost lost.

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    HI! are u in JC or poly now?? They are emphasizing on recruiting passionate JC students as the wealth of poly students is in bulk there and they need JC students.

    You can add me at my msn and i'd gladly help on ur journey into SYFC but everything else depends on u meeting the requirements and passing the interview and medical.

    able to PM me.

    Shoutout to JC students newly recruited or not, if u are interested in flying and passionate about it let me know!

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    do note that poly students can also apply but u have to be fresh o level graduate and starting ur 1st freshmen semester.

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    heres an advice for those that do get in to syfc, try to complete your sorties as fast as possible just spam the booking.

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    Hey marc im joining SYFC soon just called em up today. Anything i should take note of through the interview/medical stage besides spamming 'i want to join rsaf'? and do pm me ur msn would like to have an in depth talk with ya

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    Calling out JC 1 or JC 2/ Year 1 polytechnic students...

    Currently, SYFC has a scheme whereby if I (ME MARC) introduce a JC1 or JC2 student and if he/she got in SYFC, i will get 1 COE (certificate of experience) hours.

    Basically, if ur a jc student and u got in, i get 1 hours of free flight as i have graduated from the course. So if u are a JC1 or JC2 student and wishes to try out for SYFC, albeit being in JC1 or JC2 or mugging for A levels, you can apply!

    PM me only if u are a jc student and wishes to apply.

    Year 1 poly students who wish to apply can ask me qns via this thread or visit for more details! Sorry yeah.

    PS, im a poly student myself too.

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    can pr join the syfc too??

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    i think can. Are u a JC student dude?

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    I hope this thread is still alive...Anyway, mind if i ask what exactly is poly formal wear? will a collared shirt(not polo tee), jeans and covered shoes be okay as formal wear for the interview?

    I'm currently a Poly first year student waiting for my interview coming next month.

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    no matter what, if you do get in, NEVER go into a sortie unprepared.

    Basically rule of thumb is mental fly mental fly mental fly. Keep practicing your checks until they come out like a rap (of course not just lip service la), and best is get a fellow trainee to mental fly with you. Your friend can keep giving you injects (i.e final approach too low, watcha gonna do? Pitch up. Too fast watcha gonna do? Throttle down. So on and so forth).

    if you wanna be a military pilot, you'd appreciate the PPL rather than go through Air Grading Course when you enlist.

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