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Thread: Singapore Youth Flying Club - Anyone TRIED? and GOT IN?

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    My girlfriend (now ex) was the chairperson/president of her school's YFC while she was in Cedar Girl's 3 years ago.
    She told me that they only play with model aeroplanes, like the one where the model is hooked onto the end of the the rope, and then you hold the other end of the rope and spin around in circles. Centrifugal force then makes the plane airborne.
    Like a softie mentioned earlier, sec sch yfc is peanuts.

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    The YFC just keep sending me invitations. I asked my classmates at that time. Seems like only those with perfect eyesight gets the invitation those days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xypher View Post
    YFC experience is more worthwhile than working man... Anyway how did u get invited?

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    Don't bother about SYFC.

    When i was primary 5 i was aiming towards it but changed my mind already.
    I'm going to save up enough and go to malaysia one of the flying clubs to get PPL.

    Roughly 20k RM estimated can be lesser.. but foreigners sure higher

    This is the best way you can get without restrictions

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    If u can get it free then why not? If you fail in syfc then at least u have the reason to spend so much at malaysia

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    Was in the from 2003 to 2005 joining the Aeromodelling club?????Haha!!!Awesome experience for me...

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    Ok just an update..

    just called up SYFC and they told me to call them back when i receive my application letter and the JAE postings.. will update further.


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    They asked " Are u interested in being a military pilot?"


    SAY YES YES YES YES and shake your head fervently....coz RSAF sponsors all the students lmao.

    i wanted in sooooo bad but i couldnt coz i was a PR...fvcking dumb...they make us PRs do NS but dont allow us to join SYFC and go on to be fighter pilot.

    too bad i've moved to the UK after my A-levels in dec 2007. hopefully can get my PPL here. but $$$$$$$$$$$$. my dreams of flying for the RSAF were shattered

    hope this helped,



    and if im not wrong during the interview,

    they ask question about the RSAF's fleet.

    you should know that the RSAF only has

    Lockheed F-16 fighting Falcon C/D/D Block 52+

    and the Northrop F-5 tiger

    in 2009-2010 around that period singapore will recieve its first shipment of the new F-15 SG (specially developed for singapore)

    just wikipedia the RSAF and you'll get all info you need.

    and i used to play lots of Microsoft flight sim and the F-16 sim. haha i can fly the F-16 in theory coz of the game :P
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    im in syfc

    four sorties so far

    struggling like mad. i think i'll get phased out soon.

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    Eh. bockscar. Which course u from?

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    erm, i have a few questions to ask. I'm going to finish my Poly education in March/April this year. And i'm interested in signing on with the RSAF, i've applied online. But what i don't understand is, SYFC is directly affiliated to RSAF? meaning, if i go to SYFC, then i confirm can sign on with RSAF?

    Or izzit that i NEED to be in SYFC den i can be in RSAF?

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