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Thread: Singapore Youth Flying Club - Anyone TRIED? and GOT IN?

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    my classmate's in SYFC. But i have no idea what the hell she does other than crash model planes at her void deck. Lol.

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    maris stella high school has Youth flying club as a cca. Special previliges i heard for em lucky ones.

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    I was from the Singapore Youth Flying club last year.

    all those previous posts about kids in SYFC in Secondary school are peanuts
    nothing. JC Tertiary students who are in the FLYING COURSE is somehting.

    And sorry to dampen your spirits. But they take in 27 people per intake, 6 Intakes a year.
    Out of 27 only 1 or 2 Make it into PPL. Some courses, all 27 get cut. Be lucky to be in Phase 2 actually. Phase 1 is simple. I can complete that with my eyes closed so you should be expecting scores of at least 6 and above. Any lower can expect to be Cut from the course.

    Also its not ALWAYS your aptitude. Its alot of other factors ( instructor availability, weather condition ( my friends course got cut cause of the haze ) ). So you cannot simple say for sure youre going to make it. You can never tell

    I just want to wish you a good time , and enjoy your flying time while u have the opportunity. You should clock roughly 8hours.

    And a tip, book every day every wave. These people who finish their sorties first and are the first few seldom get cut. The last few ones always get cut First. U can take leave from school for flying. Theres the Exemption Chit in the main office.

    But dont neglect studies. As and Poly dips come first. Flying secondary. I screwed up my first year common tests as a result of flying. in the end also got cut.
    Field-Homewood - The John mayer wannabe of Singapore doing covers

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    By the way doesnt matter if your poly or jc, My batch got 3 poly students. Its HOW EARLY you submit your application form. You can submit with your Prelim results alreayd no need for Os.

    And by the way Quattro, Orientation flying is BEFORE theory lessons. Maybe 18 years ago. Now the instructors are not much of RSAF pilots. Half are SIA pilots.
    Field-Homewood - The John mayer wannabe of Singapore doing covers

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    Anyone still in yfc now? I just started my phase 1.. Hope it goes well.

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    me too..

    hmm.. i'll be applyin for my ppl also.. finished my o levels this year too.. heh. good luck to all of us who are gonna apply!! and thanks for the advice dude!!

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    Awwwww mannnn....I was invited a couple of times to join the SYFC!!!! But I needed to work after my Os and so didn't go for it. Now regreting....

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    YFC experience is more worthwhile than working man... Anyway how did u get invited?

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    oh ya.. anyway for those who hv or are inside currently.. wat are the medical tests like?? and the iq tests?? hmmm.. maybe wat kinda questions do they ask at the interview?? thanks lots guys..

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