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Thread: Singapore Youth Flying Club - Anyone TRIED? and GOT IN?

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    Singapore Youth Flying Club - Anyone TRIED? and GOT IN?

    Hey all!!!

    im gonna sign on and hopefully get through to them and get my PPL (private pilot's license)...

    anyone here has already tried on, got in and got ur PPL??

    What do i have to expect?? What questions will dey throw at me?? What answers to answer so i don't agitate the interviewees..?? and what to expect after 1st interview and 2nd interview or the interview phase.??

    any advice is greatly greatly apprietiated..!!


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    my medical was 2 weeks back.

    i hope they dont send me rejection letter :lol:

    if medical pass, then interview...3rd quarter right?

    my classmate is joining too.

    i presume ur poly student?

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    i take o levels this year... so i can only join when the results are in next year...

    just wanna get a head start...

    i heard the interviewee's a bitch??

    They asked " Are u interested in being a military pilot?"

    my friend said no and straight away the interviewee said " we are not interested in investing on those who are not interested in being a military pilot!!"

    wah kay siao ah... also the a lady's there i know all my friends say got issues.. dunno which one..

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    hahahah i dont know which lady ah

    i hope i pass medical. and can go for interview.

    it'd suck if i fail medical LOL

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    eh how come u enter so late or early ah??? usually u enter is when u get a priliminary exam or ur O level exam...

    how come just last 2 weeks u took ur medical??

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    i enter with o lvl results ah

    poly students their registration/medical/interview is late late one.

    if i'm in JC, i would be in now (provided i pass medical n interview)

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    i know that a friend of mine got in. heh

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    Bear in mind, getting a PPL in Singapore is not easy. Let's not talk about the academic aspect, because SYFC belongs to Singapore-politics :lol:

    And now let me say, getting a PPL from SYFC is not easy at all. You will barely be able to get recognized before you even take the major tests. But one thing for sure, if you're there for a good amount of time you will get to fly - just that you won't be the pilot.

    Getting in is nothing. You will learn, you will model, you will fly the miniature things that you cannot sit in, but rather control with a controller, and you will get to meddle with alot of physics. But don't get your hopes up about PPL, though it is always good to have some level of confidence.

    If you have a trace of any medical "faults", there's a 100% guarantee that you won't be accepted. It doesn't matter whether currently you're the top athlete, or are a ninja. A lady, yes a lady (one of the few of the same kind), will tell you that straight without hesitation, and with some added attitude. Be aware that you shouldn't talk much either, you'll just get unentertaining replies which would make you feel like you wasted your time and that you should just call Chuck Norris to shoot you up to Jupiter.

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    I did mine about 18 years back and I fully enjoyed the experience I gain from flying. I managed to go trhough the entire beginner course but didnt manage to my PPL because I cant do a solo flight on the last sortie due to bad weather. You dont have to do any aeromodelling if you are old enought to enroll for flying.

    After you past your medical test, you will have to seat through a few rounds of IQ and aptitute test, after you clear that, the hard knocks begins.

    a) Theory lessons
    You must be prepare to memorise everything you learn from the lesson, text books will be provided

    b) Orientation flight
    this will be the best part of the entire course because this is the first time you get to seat in the cockpit and enjoy the view of singapore island. btw it is really tiny, and you can literally see the whole singapore at less than 10,000 feet.

    c) Pre-flight checks
    this will be the toughest because you must check everything in orderly sequence, the the trick to this is practise at home before the actually flying

    d) Radio communication
    Must remember, when to say, what to say, and who to say to. Again you have to practise and memorise.

    e) First flight
    My advise is that dont try to act and think like your are tom cruise in topgun because I have seen many tough looking guy coming back with tears in their eyes. (Reason: because the trainers are all SAF personel and they hate to deal with wannabe..

    f) Taking off and Landing

    Taking off is a no brainer, landing is tough!!

    good luck!!

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    both of my mates that i know graduated with ppl frozen and it definately was a fun experience...

    my closest mate i have inside is just starting out the course and flying lesser sorties due to weather... heard that it's tough juggling time with syfc and JC so yeah... he entered using prelims results though.. got accepted on april and started training straight after the 1 week holidays..

    so i guess what i should do is that go in for the interviews with confidence and keep ur head down all the time and be humble to everybody there is that right???

    well - yeah quite true that SYFC is somewhat singapore politics..

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