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Thread: HELP!!! TNT studios

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    Hi turbochicken,

    No one is questioning your ability in humanising your drums programming, which I thought was as good as any professional out there.

    But correct me if I'm wrong. Since you mentioned that you have recorded drums in an actual recording studio before and understand the whole recording process. I think it is unfair to compare the quality of BFD drums samples to any local studios in Singapore.

    Here are just some of the outboard gears they used at Eldorado Recording Studio for BFD samples.

    Blackisle Studios

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    hi Sean,

    erm, i never said i was doubted for my humanising drums ability. ops:

    i know where you're coming from,

    so if i rephrase, say, "with the type of equipment our local drums studios possess, i think the quality is decent."

    would it sound better?

    coz that's exactly what i think.

    now, i said i prefer BFD to any local drum studio. and that's my preference. i'm not saying BFD is better for the SAME equipment used.

    better light shed i hope?

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    Hi all, with all this arguements, i just can't help it but got to put my inputs too.
    i would wanna say that sound is very subjective, some may agrees that one's mix can be good but some may say that the same particular mix can be really really bad.
    and yes, the whole music production needs both the bands and the sound engineer expertise to make the whole product a good ones.
    and equipments used plays an important part too in the whole music production.
    there is so much recording studio these days but sad to say, it seems like, it became an affordable business because studio owners these days are just piling up their control room with tons of poor quality cheap toy equipment for example BEHRINGER, and they claims to be a professional studio.
    From where i came from there, it became a laughing stock to own this brand.

    Why even spend $10 an hour for a bad worthless product where you can have a good meal.
    Anyway, the best solution when band's looking out for a place to record their product, do make an effort to enquiry and visit studios directly and start comparing and sees if it suits the concept of your music. I’m sure studio owners would gladly pass you a copy of their production.
    With all respect to Ahboy’s being a legends or whatsoever for whatever the reason is, but if it is time to move on, we all just have to.
    And being the MAN used to help the whole underground music doesn't justify anything about going to TNT to record.

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    Yeah....... Ah boy...........

    AhBoy rules.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its not just the board, its the man behind e' board.

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    .... let me know when you guys start throwing your mics/preamps at each other. I'll catch it.

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    Couldn't open my BFD files, darn, however, have been playing around with quite a number of other drum samples from other discs. Yeah, they are pretty well recorded, but that is as much as it is.
    It is tiresome to humanise a real drum movement, not that it can't be done, but it is tedious, very tedious. Time is money man!!!
    I am an utter fan of recording drums directly by old school mic way, but i'm open to other approaches like using samplers and sample cds. Thatz why i have both types of gears in my studio.
    I think towards the sense of arguments place, there really is no sense in it at all. The word is genre.... some genres do accept sampling drums method, especially those music that has quite some electronic feel in them etc... or hip hop??? But in terms of recording live band acts, old schoolz is still the way....
    No 1: Tuning
    Drums are normally tuned to the song and drum tuning doesn't follow a standard path. Every drummer has their own style of tuning. Though you can pitch shift your drum samples, but again it is extremely tedious to do it correctly.
    No 2: Tonal Difference
    Drum samples are recorded at only certain spots on the drum itself, not every spot to authenticate differences. Getting a live drummer to play would mean that the drummer is impossible to roll perfectly at the exact same spot, whiich these "mistakes" are really the live feel after all....
    No 3: Dynamics
    Volume is expression, this is something that is super super tedious to humanise....
    So good luck to those who plan on using drum samples all the way, check your watch carefully, if it is not worth the time, why not spend on a real drumset after all....moreover, bands really need to play together to do good takes.
    There is one tricky method which also can be used, but costly too.. That is to use an electronic drumset and get the drummer to play with the band, record as MIDI files, then resample in using drum samples. But again these electronic drumsets are only have tonal difference of maximum 3 zones, so still have to humanise....
    Cheers!!! Why not u guys just go techno, solve all the problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parablue74
    Cheers!!! Why not u guys just go techno, solve all the problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAHA... that's a good one bro.

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    BFD sucks.


    there's so much better stuff out there if u really know ur shit and nothing beats actually recording the damn drums in the 1st place.

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