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Thread: Making Advance Payment at Swee Lee?

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    Making Advance Payment at Swee Lee?

    I went to Swee Lee to purchase one of the American made Fender Strats.

    I wanted one of a different colour than what they had in the store. To that they are asking me to make the full payment in advance before they take the guitar out of their warehouse. Obviously I'm not going to make a payment without trying out the guitar first.

    I'm also looking for one made in 2012. I don't think the one they had in the showroom was made in 2012. Although the sales guy was quite insistent that it was one of the newer ones from last year and was generally trying to push the guitar they had in the store to me.

    This is my first time buying a guitar in Singapore. Have bought ones previously in the US so I'm really not sure about how things work here. I understand Swee Lee is the only official distributor of Fender in Singapore. Does Swee Lee only carry one guitar of each Fender model in their store? Why is the choice in the store so limited (either I buy the one they have in the store or make advance payment to get one out of the warehouse)? And is this how they generally work - Make payment before and then they'll get the guitar out of their warehouse?

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    Swee Lee may be the official distributor if Fender products here but there are other stores here that stock Fender guitars too. You can have a look at SV Guitars and Music Theme at Peninsula Shopping Centre to see if they have what you want in stock. Ebenex at Bras Basah and can do custom orders for you as well.
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    Google for Bgw guitars. You won't go wrong with them.

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    Don't make full payment since you haven't seen and tried and confirmed that it's what you want.

    Were you at the Bras Basah showroom? They usually have it.

    if not, would be your best bet to get it.

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    Thanks guys. Have heard good things about BGW Guitars. Will check them out.

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