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Thread: Recommended Music Theory (Keyboard/Piano) for Adult self reading?

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    Recommended Music Theory (Keyboard/Piano) for Adult self reading?


    I am just beginner in keyboard/digital piano (adult) attending 3rd lesson. Anyone can recommend music theory book for adult self reading? I been searching internet and I gather there are a few book locally in Singapore as below:
    1) Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course - Theory Book (Level 1)
    2) A Handbook Of Music Theory. Loh Phaik Kheng

    I have Alfreds Adult Piano Lesson Book1 and Book2 is it quite easy to follows. I like to built more on music theory and music arrangement, upon my weekly practice lesson. Been thinking for reading up on my own for leisure (no ABRSM exam intended).

    Also wonder is there a good book for music arrangment/MIDI/Mixing for keyboard as I am using Yamaha PSR S950 keyboard. I dont see there is any book related to using those mid range keyboard from Yamaha or Casio.


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    Since I dont get any response I thought just share what I had found from my own research. I did not find any books with regards to what I wanted to do down the road. Nor was there any good books about keyboard and mixing. But I did find in Singapore that is a couple of music school that offer course that lead to music arrangement.

    Anyone who has done keyboard and music arrangement/mixing/composition, please feel free to contibute to above list.

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    Hi SingHifi, welcome to SOFT.

    I don't have a book to recommend but some key theories that you might want to learn more to embark on music arrangement/mixing/composition.

    1. Scales - Major and Minor
    2. Chords - How to form the common chords. Major, Minor, 7th.
    3. Progression - What are some common sequence of chords in a song.
    4. Instrument - Which instrument is used for which part. Drums, Bass, Piano, Strings, Brass...

    That "musicube" website is most likely a shell setup to solicitate client for music instruction schools/teachers. "Musiclab" is a authentic music school.

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    Thks for advise.
    I just finish my 4th lesson and requested to switch the lesson book to the "Alfred Adult Basic Piano Lesson Book 1" and music teacher was also happy to do it. Glad I take this initiative instead of relying on the school very thin lesson guide. Agreed with your advise as I had also chosen to continue to learn the basic foundation on scales and chords first before attempting any other thing (and not try to play any set peice). I guess most music school teacher worry adult students interest may wane with "dry" scales and chords lesson.. but not me. I finds it interesting. Hope I can finish the Alfred book 1 in another 4 to 5 months but I will intend to all book 3, whatever it takes, since I don't have any set deadline (not taking any ABRSM exam as my aim is to enjoy playing keyboard).
    About the musicube agreed with you it seem like a soliciting website, as it has no physical address on the contact page.
    Hope there are more people in forum that come forward to share they keyboard learning experience and how they progress to the advanced level.

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    hi , can i know where to buy the alfred basic adult piano course - theory book level 1 ?
    do we need to buy it online ?
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    I bought The Alfreds Book (found it from internet when I was searching for used keyboard) from:

    I just found an online bookstore that allows you to collect books that you order at Plaza Singapura.

    BTW I did found a hook from Hal Leonard on music arrangment with keyboard:-
    Arranging Songs: How to Put the Parts Together. Publisher: Backbeat Books

    From my searching so far, the most popular book in USA/UK for learning keyboard is: The Complete Keyboard Player (but I already bought ALfreds Book lesson 1,2). Seem like Hal Leonard publication has the most selection with regards to Keyboard.

    Anyway it is really difficult to find keyboard books in Singapore so I will have to look online in Amazon.

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    Just found out that Alfred Publishing has an office in Singapore.
    They dont take order from user, but if you call or email they will tell you where to buy their books.
    Alfred Publishing (S) Pte Ltd
    Address : 20 Sin Ming Lane #05-54 Singapore 573968
    Telephone : 6659 8919 Fax : 6659 8908 (11am to 7.00pm)

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    Let me close out this thread by summarising what I have found. Actually all the books for keyboard and Piano for can be found in Yamaha music stores -Thomson Plaza, Tampines, Plaza Singapura etc (Alfred Adult Piano course, The Complete Keyboard Player series, Idiot Guide to Music Theory, Hal Lenoard Pop Piano Book and SonglBooks, Rhythm Music Piano SongBook, EZ Play Songbook and many others) as I thought they only doing those ABRSN and Trinity kind of exam orientated books. It is just that Yamaha did not publish that they sells those books on their website so I did not step into their book section previously and end up spending so much time looking on the web. So share with you all so that you don't have to waste the time Like I does.

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    it may not be too good to read too deep into theory if your practical side is just basic.....cause music is mainly about practical..the theories are there to support & let u have a better understanding & knowing what u are my advice to you is, if wanna read up.... learn theory along the way with your practical..try to bal them.....

    imagine if you read and memorise your theory up to grade 5, and your practical you can only handle grade 1....

    And I m not trying to stop you from learning and reading...its just a pc of advice that may be useful to some...can be pretty subjective too...

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    Hi Lester
    Absolutely agree with you , it is the same advise as my current piano tutor as I am not taking any exam. So after searching, it seem the Complete Idiot Guide to Music theory is what most reviewer recommend. Just wants a theory book (non exam orientated) to help me appreciate more as the theory book actually meant to be read while traveling. The Idiot guide to music arrangement is not expensive so I just pick up at the same time. I am determine one day I will reach there to arrange my own music on arranger keyboard since I does not place any timeline limit. Regret I did not learning keyboard/piano when I was younger when started working, I always thought it is very difficult and must be started from young age. So far it has been very enjoyable probably no burden of taking exam as it is base on classical piece of which I have no interest.

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