Ever had your mother coming into your room one day telling you that your guitar gear is taking up way too much space in the house? After the inevitable squabble, she gives you two choices. Either you get rid of your gear or you get out of the house. You know very well that your gear acquiring syndrome does not stop there. What happens next? Well, you get kicked out of the house of course.

Wait! There is a solution. You can replace your pile of bulky amplifiers with The Lunchbox by ZT Amplification.

Once you have plugged the jack into the lunchbox, you would know immediately that this is a no nonsense amplifier. No bells or whistles, just the bare essentials. It can be anything from a simple practice amp all the way to a serious recording amp just by adjusting the master volume.

There are many amp manufacturers that produce small full tube amps at affordable pricing. Question here is who ever said that all amps that are made with tubes are superior to those without? Maybe owning a tube amplifier gives you bragging rights? Well, if bragging rights are more important compared trying to get a good tone out of an amplifier with its master volume barely hitting "2", why are you even playing guitar?

If we are talking about a Marshall SLP or a Fender Twin Reverb, there simply is no comparison in terms of tone. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to play these amplifiers at full potential in a bedroom or a small gig setting. Leaving your Boss DS-1 always engaged with the Level knob at 1 can only do so much.

We have to focus more on the functionality and design of this amplifier rather than passing a quick judgement just by looking at its small frame. Sure it has a small speaker and lesser knobs than a Peavey Blazer practice amp. However, let's try this: Bring the 2 mentioned amplifiers to a jamming session or a gig. You'd find yourself leaving one of the amplifiers in the nearest bin around after the session. You will notice the difference and you can be sure that it will be obvious.

How do you make a good amplifier even better? There is an option for you to attach an extension cabinet. What is better than having dynamics? More of it!

Not only is the lunchbox more portable than most amplifiers, it can slice through the mix like a knife through hot butter. There would be no reason for you to tell your drummer that he is hitting the snare too hard now. After purchasing your Lunchbox amp, you can be sure that there would be lesser objects flying across the jamming room every now and then. Yes, you can put those aromatherapy candles aside now.

Does it take pedals well? With that much headroom, Id think your army boots would be muddier compared to the sound that you are getting from the amp after you kick in the distortion.

The only thing that you can't do with this amp is using it as a chair. You will get over it soon enough.

Always had a problem with your girlfriend/wife when you purchase new gear? Not this time! This amp is small and cute. Girls love small and cute things like bunny rabbits. Think of it as a bunny rabbit without the ears. You can see where I'm going with this.

Overall for the price, this is a do-it-all no frills amplifier.

You let your ears be the judge, not your mind.

Ambience effect (open-back cabinet simulation)
Variable Headphone/DI Output
Custom Ultra-High Performance 6.5" Speaker, Switchable
External Speaker Output (8 ohms min.)
Aux Input on 1/8" Stereo Jack
Voltage switch 115V/230V

System Design:
200W Class A/B Power Amplifier
Ultra-low latency circuit for player responsiveness
Pure analog front-end, with diode overdrive capability
Proprietary dynamic tone shaping
Vintage modelled tone stack
Class A/B output stage with unregulated linear supply
Sealed-box speaker tuning

Dimensions: 7.5" x 9.8" x 4.4"/192mm x 250mm x 112mm
Weight: 9.5 lbs./4.3kg
Peak Output: 120 dB at 1 meter
Controls: Volume, Gain, Tone, Ambience, Line Out/Headphone Level

Price: $339 SGD

Available at Guitar Connection PTE LTD.