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Thread: Gear Photos 2013

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    Gear Photos 2013

    Hi guys!!
    happy new year!!

    just wanna share my new amp.
    it has been quite a ride to get this amp. i was one of those many who got stiffed by Fat Sound Guitars / Stu Carter.
    but luckily the builder helped me get thru the deal.

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    Got this awesome Warmoth strat last week! Previous owner tried to relic it, but didnt really work out that well, so i'm still in the process of trying to salvage it. Should I change the pickguard to a brown tort pickguard?

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    What a year 2012 was !
    Posted Goldie last year and this year I've adopted her sister Sandy

    Happy GASSY 2013 Everyone !!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just completed my collection of Marshall's 50th Anniversary one-watter heads.

    2012 was good to me.

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    Who else has touched this fish ?

    Just wondering, .........
    This fish has been hanging around at SL Sims Dr for a very very long time.
    Let's have a show of hands who had actually played or at least touched this fish.
    Its the Andreas Guitars' Fierce Shark. I know our fellow softie Benster had a go at it many years ago.
    Who else ??


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    Wow ric, your collection is just mind blowing! How do you like the Sandy?

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    Finally got a Gibson. I'll try to get nicer pics

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    cool- you got it from...?

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    Sorry about the number of photos. Taken end Dec 2012 during annual inspection.

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    You're in Heaven.......niceeeeeeee
    "Just because you know umpteen billion scales, it doesn’t mean you have to use them all in a solo" -
    Kirk Hammett

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    wow that's just sick man!

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