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Thread: Recommendations for keyboard / synthesizer

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    U might wanna do a search in the forum as well.
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    oops! i'm quite new to online forums you see. thank you so much!

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    Yam so3 is the one

    First keyboard should be yamaha so3. Its compact with sounds,and cheap for the budget man.

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    You can try Yamaha EZ250i
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    Hi what's a recommended keyboard with most realistic piano sound and weighted keys feel?

    I see here that Yamaha is better? Must I go for the CLP for the real deal? Possible with $2000 budget?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dahliax View Post
    It all depends on what u kinda stuffs u wanna play.

    Go for Korg if u're going for music effects.Their synthesizers and workstations are really packed with a huge variety of effects.But I heard that their piano sounds are not as great.:???:

    Go for Yamaha if u're more of a "playing" person.Meaning you dun need as much effects but more of the feel of the keys.I started out as a classical pianist so I like the feel of Yamaha keys more than korg.The effects are good as well,just that i like Korg's sounds more hahaha.Their motif and S series are rather good I would say

    Just my 2 cents worth of personal opinion

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    Well.... nobody reply. I think personally you should try out. Roland,Yamaha,Korg....etc you can try on the showroom. For me, I go Roland stage piano.

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    I personally feel that you should go down to city music and try out the korg SV-1. I bet you'll regret not trying that. Their digital pianos are pretty awesome too. You can go look for the salesman named Cleve over there. He should be able to help you. Nice guy.

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    Yes, SV-1 is the ultimate stage piano. It sounds very concise in all the range, and it doesn't matter if amp is turned on or not... I think if even you're not going to buy it, you should use your chance when you see one in a shop, it feels great playing it.

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    Re: Recommendations for keyboard / synthesizer

    After 3 years, SV-1 like any other keyboards can't play at ppp-fff.

    Comparing SV-1, VAX77 is godly and perfect. Sadly, it's out of production or I would have gotten 1 more keyboard. If you need a keyboard with that dynamic ranges and polyAT, you might want to make this innovation a reality.

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