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Thread: Recommendations for keyboard / synthesizer

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    Recommendations for keyboard / synthesizer

    hi everybody...

    im a guitarist here.. but im lookin to get a keyboard to learn myself.. im willing to set aside a budget of abt 600 bucks.. i wanna learn to play it.. i might go get teacher or learn myself as i noe some abt music theory already.. can u guys like explain to me the diff funcitons of a keyboard and any recommendations for my budget??

    i wan to use it for recordin too.. for the rythem part for my guitars and mayb accompanyin wif vocals.. and can somebody give me alittle bit about the diff diff things in a key and sythesizers?? im not intrested in doin dance music and computer music.. hope wad i haf said can gif u guys a brief info of wad im gettin it for ...


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    thread repeating


    it's good to see people picking up keyboards
    but this thread related topic is around on and off;
    look thru the keyboards gear thread, you'll find your

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    hi bong..

    thks for tt.. alright.. between the yamaha s-03 and the korgpa80.. which is better?? like in terms of the sounds.. recordin ability.. i wan it to be like a one man band kinda.. which one do u guys think is a better choice for me?

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    i suggest u get a keyboard instead of a synthesizer at the start..

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    Quote Originally Posted by teraslasch
    i suggest u get a keyboard instead of a synthesizer at the start..
    A synthesizer is a keyboard.

    Do note that the S-03 does not have build-in speakers. Unless you are content with using headphones, you will have to budget in monitor speakers if you intend to get it. It does come with auto accompaniment but because it is mainly an entry level synthesizer, the accompaniment function is pretty limited in terms of the number of variations. I believe it does not have a built-in sequencer, which means to make the most out of accompaniment, you will have to use a PC.

    You mentioned that you want to learn keyboard. I will be useful for us to know which aspect of the keyboard you would be keen to learn. You sound interested in the "one man band" thing. You can be a "one man band" and use relatively little keyboard techniques - ie faster learning curve but you'll not advance very far. I got friends who were interested in learning keyboard accompaniment playing (portasound type) - takes only a few months max to master it (and they did pretty well). The PA80 is a keyboard that suits this purpose, but I would suggest getting the Yamaha portasound series as they have a wider range of variations.

    But if you want to play the keyboard - ie really play it, I suggest forget about the one man band thing at this stage. You will need to learn technique, which means you will need a better keyboard. Auto-accompaniment keyboards doesn't come with good touch and it will affect your learning of keyboard technique. S03 may be a good option (as a beginner, esp since the guy is selling for $700). Given your budget, that's about the option available.

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    Hi jy,

    Hope you have gotten your kybd by now.

    Else, as suggest by Bongman, go visit the "Big Wigs" of kybd dealers to feel the keys and listen to the sound samples of the synths they offer. Then, make use of your likes as benchmarks.

    Also, since you are into the 2nd hand market, do some research on past flagship or notable workstation kybds based on your needs (workstation = synth w/ sequencer at the least).

    Always remember, there is never and can never be a perfect synth! That's why there are rack modules! Importantly, you should like what you buy and not only because it is cheap! Good luck!

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    yea thks alot man peeps..

    err.. i haven got thee keyboard.. but ill continue go look around fes.. i haf no hurry to get one too.. yea.. im intersted in one man band.. cuz im a guitarist.. i juz hope to learn to play keyboard as in the accompaniment like wad u guys said..

    thanks alot guys..

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    Quote Originally Posted by newbie100
    buying a keyboard seems tougher than guitar.
    indeed it is ..

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    Hey we r on the same boat!

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    Keyboards buyers' guide:

    Keyboards buyers' guide:

    General checklist:
    - Sound quality
    - Price
    - Availabilty of additional sounds
    - Quality of documentation and availiabilty of how-to books
    - Number of voices and multi-timbral operation
    - Built-in effects
    - Built-in sequencer
    - Keyboard feel and wheels/pitch-bend feel
    - Good match for the rest of your setup

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