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Thread: Masao Koga Guitars - Info

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    Masao Koga Guitars - Info


    Do anybody knows any info of masao koga guitars or any page where I can find info.

    Particular this model of the attached picture as I want to know the year of guitar which I have bought online.
    Any help would be great.


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    What did the seller tell you about this guitar? I'm sure he would know something about it.

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    Hi relinquish69,

    I have asked the seller but doesn't know anything about the guitar as it was a old guitar left around the house.

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    got check google or not?

    in any case, any guitar from Japan should be good. just see if you need it to be set up or not.

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    A search on google does not yield any results. Tried typing in japanese too. All I know is it's a guitar from the 70s.

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