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Thread: female drummers

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    female drummers

    female drummers ... this is the fourm for u ... lols ... wish to gather the female drummers to make friends ... male drummers are invited ... lols wat am i saying ... lols
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    why u dun wanna get to know male drummers? =X

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    I've been playing drums for over 4 years now. I've never taken any lessons, and my parents never objected to me playing. Unfortunately I can't own a set due to space constraints. I've played many different kinds of songs with many bands, ranging from soft indie, rock and roll, to metal and power metal. I'm afraid my skills have been deteriorating due to lack of practice these days.

    Yah well, what about the others out there?

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    i think the problem applies to anyone drumming..not just females... try getting a practice pad (silent type) or else ya mom will still complain...
    broken sticks, muscle aches, worn out skins, cymbal dents... its all part of the process

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    Hey Reuben...she says...FEMALE DRUMMERS no understand Engkish izzit. kekekekekekeke :smt040 :smt040

    Ps My Bro Reuben is bery bery naughty one.. :smt033 but nice boy.
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    Speaking of female drummers.....

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    Female Drummer ....Torry Castellano ! I like her lah.

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    hi brainwash,hold on to your dream of being a drummer
    anyway there a drum clinic by kevin corey drummer of heritage on 26th may at 2pm at jj alante 39 duxton road do check it out
    cheers and have a nice weekend

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    I love Torry too! I saw them live at Reading Festival a couple of years ago. SO ROCK!!! Actually, Allison is the rockiest of them all. Her hair when she plays guitar is very phwoar!

    Sorry, I am just very excited that one of my fave bands is mentioned here. Hehe. Thought you all were all about Weckl, Portnoy and all the jazzy things mah. :P

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    hey audie.....

    hhisshhh.... nice girl drummer you got there....

    hey killer.. when you gonna post up your pix????
    i'm waiting for you to post up your pix ever since this thread born

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