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Thread: Which Company is trusted for iTunes Music Aggregators?

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    Which Company is trusted for iTunes Music Aggregators?

    Since the iTunes Music Store is open in Singapore and we can download our songs straight to our iDevices, This is a huge opportunity for our Local Bands with quality tracks to sell their music.

    Local bands now have a wider spectrum of listeners and purchasing their music is not a hassle at all. Its like purchasing an app right from the app store.A song can cost SGD0.99 up to SGD1.28 per song. But the thing is, which company is to be trusted? how much percentage will we get? what are the pay outs like?

    Lets discuss the future business opportunity derive from your own music but not to fall into scams.
    Those who knows about this please share your views,sources and tips.

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    this is a great info to start with. quiet interested and awaiting inputs from others.

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    You mean which company to use to put your music in the iTunes store?

    For a locally-based solution (with international distribution of course), check out Music Services Asia

    Or some well known ones like or

    There are a few different models, typically:
    1) They charge an annual fee, but all revenue from the stores go to you
    2) No annual fee, but they take a % cut

    There are many pros and cons of each that depend on your expected volume. For many beginners, they might be tempted to go for the no upfront fee.

    Don't forget that before your money reaches whichever aggregator/distribution company, iTunes also takes a cut.

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    I use CDbaby, about 70% max per song depending on the option you choose. I heard from friend EQ music is 50% for digital download.

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