Hi everyone,

I'm planning to start an experimental/ rap group, focusing heavily on on bass grooves and drops. I am influenced by bands such as death grips, death from above 1979, radiohead (the bassline to the National Anthem in particular), WU LYF, Wu Tang, and to a certain extent, Azelia Banks. I know it's rare and probably unheard of, but I'm planning on blending these styles together.

Im looking for an assorted number of musicians in particular:

- A Bass Player: Possibly be able to play bass grooves, can adapt to quick signature changes. Can play with plectrum/fingers.

- A Synth Player/ Samples/loops/ Producer: Able to play synth riffs over the bass line and has firm knowledge on how to incorporate samples into music. Backup vocals will be an added bonus.

- A rapper: The main guy, needs a strong voice and be able to freestyle.

I am a bass player by nature, but I can play drums as well. I am currently taking vocal lessons, so I will be able to sing clean parts? Oh, and I'm 20 years old by the way, just finished Poly and working. I live in the east side in a bungalow, so practice sessions shouldn't be a problem. I have drums, bass, guitar and mic amps, but you might need to bring your own gear tho. I'd really like to piece together something and see how it works out! Hit me up if your'e interested in this experimental journey