Please take some time to read this:

Currently looking for a committed heavy metal influence drummer who is interested to form a serious heavy metal band. The type of direction/influence that we’re looking into is mainly bands such as:

W.A.S.P., Alice Cooper, Guns N Roses, Rainbow, Cauldron, Overkill, Toxic Holocaust, Skid Row, Scorpions, Municipal Waste, Crashdiet, Sister, Anthrax, Whitesnake, Widow, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Venom, AC/DC, Havok, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Kiss, Dio, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Violator, Murderdolls, White Wizzard, Motorhead, Enforcer, Skull Fist and many more to mention.

- Commitment
- Good Attitude
- Open minded
- Basic drum knowledge, rudiments
- Able to keep tempo
- Able to creatively come up with drum fills
- Ability to double bass
- Contribute ideas to song writing
- Willing to go the extra mile for the band

*Plus point:
- Provide any recording or footage.
- Stage experience

Please provide the following details:
Number of years on drums:
Stage experiences (if any):
Recordings or footage's:

We are preferably looking people who are in the range from late teens to late 20s. We are in our 20s currently and need a drummer to complete the line up for the band. Please note that we're not looking for any weekly casual jamming cover sessions. Hope you understand.

If you’re keen, give me a PM. Will talk and discuss much more further. We’re really looking to make mostly original compositions so if you’re really serious in this, feel free to give a PM. Cheers! \m/