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Thread: XM E Drum, a new e drum brand

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    XM E Drum, a new e drum brand

    Hi all,

    Last weekend I was wandering around at Orchard, and I chanced upon a roadshow at Scape of a new edrum brand, call XM drums.

    These drums are made in Taiwan according to the seller, and the best thing is they have mesh heads for all drums, including tom toms and bass drums! IMHO, the heads feel even better than the roland, yamaha,etc... but this is something personal i think.

    Also, the snare and toms all have rim triggers.

    It was having promotion at $1599 during the roadshow, their website is selling at $1699, this is a bargain for all the features they have. Anyway, anyone interested can try to bargain with them for the promotional price I think

    Here is their website

    I would personally want to try it out again, but seems like they want to have more requests before they can have another roadshow, as they mentioned in their fb posts.

    Check them out! Seems to be a good solution for us to bang as hard as we can during midnight practice.

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    Looks decent! Not sure about the quality and the performance of the pads though. Price seems pretty reasonable but are all the pads single zone?

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