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    Hi everyone, got a few qns wif regards to recording. Sorri if it sounds noob cos i am reali noob..

    1) Are there anywher else samples can be bought apart from online? Still apprehensive and conservative abt e idea.. lol

    2) After recording the waves from midi, how do you edit them, for example, panning? Say erm, a certain sound, den you want it to be panned from left to right, such dat it creates a zooming sound across your ears.

    3) I'm currently using logic audio platinum and I noticed after adding the necessary effects to the audio channel, the efx do not go into the audio wave itself, bt rather is tied to the chnl, such dat if i remove e audio file from dat chnl, the efx disappear. As such, upon doing a mixdown of the wave files, everything sounds different from prior to the mixdown, volume, efx and all dat.. Am I doing wrongly? Or are there more convenient softwares for mixing other than logic?

    4) I'm using a KORG LE, with m-audio audiophile (audio interface since my com got no sound card), roland sc-88 pro (Sound Canvas), Mixer and Speakers. Currently, I'm recording midi as GM sounds. How shld I connect such dat the midi sounds is recorded from my KORG, that is, instead of being recorded using GM, it is recorded using the sounds from my KORG cos GM reali sounds crap..

    Thanks in advance for all advice given.

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    1) download free ones. or record your own.

    2) there should be a pan effect if not you can manually pan by drawing lines, from -100 (Left) to +100 (right) at the point that you want.look around your DAW.

    i can't answer 3 and 4 because i don't use logic and I know nothing about midi. well I DO know something about midi la but not well enough, hope someone else answers.
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    1. Samples are usually bought online. There is a small market, and not many people are willing to bring them in. I think one shop in Singapore brings it in - but can't remember which. And it is very limited. Only way is to go online. That can be either in CD/DVD or download versions. There are free ones, but usually sound bad. If you are using LAP, then you should have EXS24 build-in. So you should be getting samples in EXS24 format.

    2. blueprintstudios already answered.

    3. Effects are tied to audio channels. They do not affect the raw wav files until mixdown. That's how it works. That way, you can tweak the plug-in until you get what you want. However, you should be able to hear the difference immediately and not only after mixdown. I don't understand what you mean by removing an audio file causing the efx to disappear. If you remove an audio file, then you lose an audio track for mixdown. How will that affect what you are trying to achieve?

    4. You need to do a google search for Logic websites. There is an instrument template for almost all keyboards, including Korg LE. You need to save that file, and you can access it within Logic. Then you'll see all the instruments of your Korg LE when you select your instruments. Make sure your midi connection goes lilke this: PC midi out -> Korg midi-in, Korg midi out -> PC midi in. I'm not a Korg user, but you should be able to turn off local notes. Otherwise, you'll get an echo - note will sound when you play the Korg and then play again after a short latency as your PC triggers it. You should be set.

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    3. Hmm.. If efx r tied to the chnls, then how to ppl modify thru out the song? For example, panning. If i pan left 50 den the entire audio file will sound as such during mixdown, bt wad if i want to like change a bit in between the song, as in mayb suddenly change from pan left to pan right for the same file halfway thru the song to make the zooming effect across your ears.

    4. Cant seem to find any setup le.. Does anyone has similar setup as mine? Pls help.. Thks..

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    3) You should be able to record the panning for that particular channel. I do not use Logic, but I use something similar, Propellerheads Reason, and what I do is I assign the effect to a particular knob on my MIDI keyboard, start recording, then twist my knob according to how much effect I want. After that is done, the effects would have been recorded as per how you want it to sound.

    Another method would be to manually draw the graph in the program using your 'pencil tool' so in your case of penning. I can draw a sine curve from -50 to +50 to get the effect of it moving from left speaker to right speaker.

    Hope I'm answering your question?

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    Panning is not a plug-in. If you press the record button and move your panning left and right, the panning actions will be recorded as well. The same should go for the rest of the plug-ins.

    You really have to search and google for the templates. I've tried searching for you, but I don't have the time. I've found it for my Yamaha S90 - so I'm sure you can find one for the Triton.

    But if you can't, there's a workaround.

    1. Double click on your midi track to access the instrument environment.
    2. Delete all the insruments that appeared as icons (should be mapped to GM).
    3. Select "New Instrument" from the top menu bar. You should see an icon appearing.
    4. Map this instrument according to the midi channel/instrument no. of the instrument you want to play from your Triton. You'll need your Triton manual to help you here. This will create a midi channel that maps directly to the patch you want.
    5. Keep repeating step 4, each time mapping the midi to the different patches you want.
    6. Close this environment to go back to your midi track windows.
    7. To select these new mapped instruments, you can either change the existing midi tracks or create new tracks. Right click and hold on the midi track's name - this will drop down a menu where you can select a list of GM instruments and all the new instruments you created, Select the instrument you want.
    8. Keep repeating step 7 uintil all the new instumrnets you mapped appeared in your midi window.
    9. Sequence away.

    If this sounds complicated, look at the Logic manual. They explained clearer and better than me!

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    free samples???

    i have about 45gb of COPYRIGHT FREE samples. what sounds do you want? if your in singapore i can help you.
    or get software instuments and sample them?
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    otpp, please check your pm.

    For others, just a friendly reminder that "sharing" samples is against copyright.

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    copy right free samples...........

    i have only copy right free samples and thats why i offer to share them. i know better than that.

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    Apologies. Will help if it's clearer. Go ahead then!

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