I'm forming a new band as of today.
I'm a drummer and an amateur guitarist.
I'm also searching for:

  • Clean Vocalist
  • Rhythm Guitar/ Back up vocals
  • Bassist/ Back up vocals

(check out my other post for each spot in the band)

Iím looking for a technical lead guitarist. You donít have to be crazy on solos.
Just need someone that is creative that will give a whole new sound to the band.
I donít want any stiff guitarist that will look boring on stage.
I need someone out there to just be natural but not boring.

If you want some example of simple yet technical guitarist would be Justin Shekoski from Saosin
Check him out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojvXt...eature=related
If you think youíre as good as this, Iím looking for you.
I'm slowly searching for each spot in this band.
After I settle with the right people for the rest of the bandís spot, we will meet up, discuss and get everyone together.

Additional, if you can sing, itíll be a good thing but if not its okay. Iím going to find a rhythm guitarist that can sing back up.

I want our songs to be influenced by bands like Saosin, Emarosa, Circa Survive, Secret and Whisper.

I suggest if you're interested, send an audio track to me via email or anywhere that I can listen to.
If you can get a video or something, itíll be better. I would prefer that. I want to see how you play.
It'll be much better this way before i decide to meet up with you.
I'll reply afterwards if I like your style

So if you are interested please contact me. ( Not through here )
Here is the details:
98278507 ( if possible text only )
syafiqazman@hotmail.com ( text me first, if i don't reply within a day email me and send audio and video here)