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Thread: Home studio services available

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    Home studio services available

    I'm currently accepting projects for those who are seeking freelancer doing recording/mixing/mastering.

    Projects such as
    -Recording song covers
    -Band Single/EP/Album

    Here are some of the personal stuff that I've worked on.

    If you like my work, feel free to PM me for further discussion. I'm easy to work with! =D
    Hope to hear from you soon!


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    what did you use to record the lead and rhythm guitar for Glamorous Sky (Instr. Cover)?
    axe fx 2?

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    Axe Fx Ultra.

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    Te-ah > Your inbox is full. Please clear it so I can reply you. Pm me once it's cleared. thanks.

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    Glamorous Sky (Instr. Cover) is a nice song

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    thanks a lot! =)

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    Hi there,

    My band are interested in recording a short 5-song EP. Would it be possible if you PM me a quote for the rates and how much the recording will cost in total?


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    Pmed. Up!!!

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    bump bump bump

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