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Thread: Recommendation for my starting guitar?

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    Recommendation for my starting guitar?

    Hi guys, i'm thinking of picking up the electric guitar soon. (Next week) So i'm looking to buy my first guitar. I'll also need amps and cables and all that stuff. Can anyone recommend be some decent electric guitars and amps for me to start off with? I like stratocaster and jazzmaster guitars. If can get like a package then even better. I saw some people selling those in the buy/sell (like guitar+amp+bag+cable) but I wasn't sure if I should buy from them. I mean, buying a cheap guitar secondhand? Sounds scary.

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    whats your budget

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    $300 - $400

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    if you are looking for an amp and guitar bundle, you could go for the citymusic mix and match starter packs

    their craftsman line of guitars are not bad for the price. i've played really good ones and occasionally i've also played duds though, so it'll be advisable to bring along a friend who's experienced to help you determine if a particular guitar you're planning to buy is good or not

    check out the ST140
    it has better pickups

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    Is it SSS or HSS? The pic shows HSS but the specs says SSS. Also, comparing this guutar to a squier california strat, which would you say is better?

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    Well I guess brand is not an issue, since you're just starting out. The best rule is to try the guitar and get the feel of it. No point of buying anything that you don't like.

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    Just get a standard pack and learn the basic from YouTube videos. Then engage a teacher when you feel you're more or less familiar. Preferably after 3 months of self-taught, try to engage a teacher. Or you'll develop bad habit if you self-teach yourself for a year or so and end up messing up.

    I think there's an error with the description, but it'd be best if you make a trip down to City Music and ask them.

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    Definitely wouldn't hurt getting a bundle secondhand from someone! Helps you save a good deal, and you could probably get better stuff with the same budget! Just grab an experienced friend along with you to go try stuff out, or feel free to bounce secondhand stuff you see off the people here!
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    Get the Citymusic craftsman package. dont change the stock guitar thats provided as you need to top up and its really not worth it at all. The line 6 amp that comes with the package is really value for money and should last you years even.

    You could get a squier from any shop in Peninsula plaza plus a small 10 watt marshall amp from Davis guitar budget wise plus extra cables should be a little bit more expensive but hey its not too bad a combo either.

    honestly speaking dont worry about HSS or SSS pickup configuration because you arent going to tell the difference at your level(unless you've been playing for a while already). I say this because you wont know what the sound difference is at a playing level. i always tell my students to just get something decent. once you've gotten the hang of playing a few songs then you will know if you still want a HSS or SSS combination or not.

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