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Thread: Where have all the bassists gone??

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    actually like that also good wad. then bassists will be super precious to bands man. !!

    personally i find playing bass harder esp in blues and jazz cuz the frequency is rather low and you must be totally anti tone deaf to be a good bassist.

    though i play guitar for quite long i always feel e bassist kinda more important than guitarist in many cases as it adds a lot of depth to the song.

    also! its a fact that bass is one of the most important parts of the song. u listen techno all that the "UMM CHak" damn loud and used to be shiok when it was in trend ( all those old softies used to be your trend right? *Grin*)

    i personally admire john mayer's live bassist "J J johnson!!" playing like him seems impossible to me. he adds holy water to songs like "body is wonderland", "Covered in Rain", "Something's Missing"

    alvinthedrummer, relax.. i think its only a small amount of kids right. they are kids after all and will hopefully mature into good players. don't think adults 20 and over still think that way la after all one needs to appreciate the whole band and coodinate to be a good musician! Give them time man. think only a small amount of kids don't understand the true meaning and power of a bass.
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    the good bassists all gone alrdy. D:
    i myself not very good.
    anyway keyboardist oso duno go where.
    no more good keyboardist alrdy D:
    so sad.

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    word of wisdom

    A veteran drummer once told me, "bassist have become endangered, where people don't bother to care anymore, those bassist still surviving must adapt to the environment in order to challenge him/herself to be the best. once music is dying, it's up to us bassist to pull the band together in restoring life back to the music." where as keyboard by far have always known to be near extinction just a matter of time... ~ Don M (Dol Moluk) (been in the scene since 1974 up to now still active)

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    omg i am part of an endangered species.....

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    adapt? perhaps switch to keyboard or even pedal bass.
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    relax, at least we can tell the existing bassist know what their doing ,and their importance in a band.

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    Don't know if this thread is still active.

    Kids just wanna play, leave them be. My daughter wants to be on one minute of fame so she could show her relatives in UK she could dance. UK?!?:-D

    The few of them who will eventually take interest in music will be the ones you need to focus on. Help them discover their choice of instrument.

    That's when they need you to mould and mentor them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordie View Post
    omg i am part of an endangered species.....

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    Hi im an ok guitarist just starting out on bass and having
    lots of fun learning grooves. Wish ive started earlier though.

    Also after picking up bass for a short while i find that i can now naturally separate
    the bass from the guitar sounds in a recording if its distinct enough. Really helps me too as a guitarist. Every guitarist should learn some basic bass as well.

    P.s anyone wanna trade they're bases for guitars?

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    Where have all the bassists gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the bassists gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the bassists gone?
    Girls have picked them every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn

    --- with apologies to Mr Pete Seeger :-)
    The Bakerloo Line rolls again after two long years.

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