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Thread: Where have all the bassists gone??

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    Where have all the bassists gone??

    Just writing this out of frustration! It feels like the bass world is slowly dying...dunno what's wrong with today's kids. Alot seemed totally ignorant about the instrument and one kid even told me the reason he chose to learn guitar over bass is becos "there is no glam in bass"!!! Man....the bass guitar is so bloody important! Whenever I do a gig where I can't hear anyone else (bad sound engineer), I would rely on the bassist to tell me the progression of the music. Also, I can groove my best today , the guitarist can be chopping out but if my bassist is ill, the band would sound like a whole load of crap.

    Another thing that pisses me off is how little they want to improve themselves! So many times I've heard kids saying..."oh, bassists only play notes, so easy, no need to take lessons", no wonder there is such a huge lack of good bassists and most of all, such a small pool of bassists in general. I think, the current pool of bassists should start taking more obvious actions and try to keep the instrument alive....look at us drummers! Aren't you ashamed? Pick up your butt and start improving! Or should I say....start WANTING to improve! The ratio of bassist to drummers is like 1:2000....haha...something is seriously wrong@!

    Hopefully after Bani's workshop today, some of the kids that attend may change the way they think of the bass guitar and help spread the word and excitement. Keep our fingers crossed....

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    i hear your frustration bro...
    but in my case it the keyboardists...
    where haf all the keyboardists gone to??

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    it's hard to find good bassist nowadays.... keyboardist, dunno story ah..


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    must be all still serving ns.. :smt070

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    lets keep it this way, i want to remain in great demand. :lol:

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    I see a lot of great bassist very often...
    love more love less
    love big love small

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    nowadays it's hard to find the time to commit to bassing, priorities change as we age.

    I think there are many good bassists around, just that they dun play as often as before.
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    Very true Good Bassists are hard to get (but Alvin you got Andrew The Bassists mah ... and he is good)...

    I wanted to start a Jazz Band - I can and already have a few Keyboardists (wanting to join the band), Lead-Guitarists, Vocals - of course I am the drummer lah - but I cannot kick-off the band - all bacause of one reson - - - I need a Bassists and a good one that can do "Walking" in Jazz....To me "I need the Bassists 1st in my Band actually" and I don't have one???

    I need good Bassists - Where Are You ?????? :lol:

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    what do you mean "walking" in jazz?. cld you care to share a few examples. like songs that have walking basslines?

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    Basically walking basslines ... it's a style of playing notes that feel as though you are walking through the whole song .. for the bassline, it's commonly found in jazz and blues music .. more in jazz though ..

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