I'm looking for a bassists for a hardcore band. We're playing originals with sounds that mainly ranges from band influences such as The Ghost Inside, Hundredth, More Than Life, Echoes, etc. Basically we play modern melodic hardcore.

A bit about the band: We're currently a four piece band (vocalist, drummer & 2 guitarists), with age range from 22-25. In other words, we're not a bunch of teenagers looking to play music to get pussies. We're here to make music and nothing else. Currently have 5 originals & aiming to record an EP by the end of the year. We are also very fun people. Trust me. =)

So if you're a bass player and want to be in a hardcore band, do let me know alright!

Any gender, but if you're male, we prefer someone who has ORD (or is about to ORD).
Jamming sessions every friday evening (8-10pm).

Do reply or drop me an email!

Thank you!

Email add: azfar.fitri89@gmail.com