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Thread: Liquid Tension Experiment (live cover drum cam)

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    Liquid Tension Experiment (live cover drum cam)

    hi guys, my band just covered this beautiful tune by Liquid Tension Experiment and it was fun!
    In this video I used
    Mike Portnoy 12'' Melody Master Snare
    Yamaha drums
    Mike Portnoy 11'' Max Splash
    22'' HH Rock Ride
    16" HHXtreme Crash
    16'' AAX Studio Crash
    14'' AAX Stage Hats
    Iron Cobra Flexi Glide pedal

    comments and discussion about the tune and gears are welcomed, cheers =)

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    awesome stuff man! Great playing and awesome drum sounds from that kit!
    Youtube Channel,Soundcloud Page!
    Aeonix Productions

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    thanks xfigox
    yeah the kit sounded awesome, that's my favorite ride cymbal, not for jazz though haha

    check out the live version by LTE =)


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    the keyboard solo still gives me goosebumps!

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    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great job! Nice sounds from the kit.
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