This is a 20 year old Legend snare. In its time this company was considered high end along with the likes of DW and Ayotte. 8ply maple Jasper shell, with die cast lugs and rims. i have the original die cast rim. Good condition with some pitting on the hardware. A very mellow snare, deep snare. Very nice ghost notes and a fat back beat. If you're looking for sensitivity though this might not be the snare for you. However i do recommend this snare for rock gigs.

Snare came without wires. Gotta change out the batter as well.

I put on some canopus wires I had lying around and the snare's great. I have a mono-ply maple which is sick as well and I don't need two maples in similar sizes.

Asking for what I paid, $350.

Reachable via PM or my mobile (SMS or Whatsapp @ 9170 6433)