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Thread: wana setup a home recording studio

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    wana setup a home recording studio

    hey guys.. i wana setup a home recording studio to record my drums, vox , guitar, bass , keys. what do i need thats good.. is protools good? like single track recording.. for example drums first. then after that,, guitar and ect ect. what would i need. im sorry im a real nood and i really wana set this up... im wgb ex- drummer and i just wana work on my new project. whats the equipemt u guys suggest that doesnt break the band.. bout 1000 bucks.. or a lil more. btw i have a power book g4 mac and the new media centre hp computer. 200 gb . like soundcards what do i need where do i get all this stuff. thanks guys this will be a real help email if u want

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    Sorry to burst your bubble stephj but $1000 to set up a Pro Tools recording studio for drums, vocals & guitar is really not possible.

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    maybe 2nd hand gear can lah,

    digi-001 maybe going for $500-600.

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    If it is simple home recording, you can get it done at a relatively low budget. Esp if you are thinking of recording not everything at the same go.

    You probably already have garageband, so you are set for software. You just need a soundcard. You can get one below $300. Since you are not doing multiple channel recordings, a simple card will mimimal ins and outs will do. You need a mic. The tricky is getting one that is all-purpose - not high end but go relatively well in both drums, acoustic instruments and vocals. You'll need a few cables. And you should be set.

    Don't expect studio quality. But it should be of OK quality if your room is relatively quiet.

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    micing up that drumset alone is gonna cost u a bomb. :lol: u'll probably need a mixer as well on top of the soundcard if u really wanna record some proper drums. if not, i think using 2 overheads should do the trick if ure on budget.
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    hope you guys wont be angry that i keep posting the same solution.

    coz, this is the solution that works at a budget. also, since the SOFT store is selling it too.

    stephj, what you need is a Presonous FirePod $850.

    this interface has 8 microphone preamp. so you can mic up your drumset directly without a mixer.

    you will need to get some microphones too. monitor speakers. microphone stands + cables.

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    james, like that over his budget liao, his budget 1k :lol: . yea but i heard good stuff bout presonus firepod.
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    coz in his case, he wants to record drums. that's why need an interface with enough microphone inputs. even if he get a ProTools 003 rig, he will need extra preamp for the microphone. be it from a mixer or individual preamp. this add up to be much more.

    microphones are indeed expensive stuff. for drumset, need about $1000.
    Kick - Audix D-6 or AKG D112 ($300 -$360)
    Snare - Shure SM57 ($160)
    Toms x3 - Sennheiser e 604 ($200 each)
    Overhead - a pair of Samson C02 ($200)

    mic stand - $45 each
    cable - $2/metre + $6 per connector. you need 2 on 1 cable.
    you need at least eight 8m xlr-to-xlr.

    for a start, use headphones for monitoring. $200

    wait, still need a vocal mic! maybe try the Shure SM57 first. save up about $600 for a nice Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone. or you can try a cheap and good one at

    dont you hate spending so much money to do a simple thing!!! ha..ha..

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    heh,. not simple.. its a very complicated process! only the people think its simple! :lol: . 1k to record drums is gonna get you no where.
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    actually to me it's simple if you think it's simple, it complicates when you don't get the simple logic. but one factor, you cannot afford to be picky with a low budget. I'd even record using earphones as mics if I couldn't afford it. (tried before. quite cheapo actually.)

    hi jake, you posted at the right time, I believe i can help you setup a home multitrack (with drums) within $1.2K budget.with my 2nd hand gear. recording soundcard/preamps/headphone monitoring/cheapmics/micstand/D.Ibox/rack/PC servicing all included. I was just making a "recording package" bundle.

    but err you probably gotta increase your budget a little more for getting XLR cables (for drums). helps if you know how to solder yourself if not I believe i can get someone to do it for you cheap.

    incase you wanna know the gear list :
    echo audio layla soundcard
    behringer 8 mic preamps
    behringer mics / and even cheaper mics (but performs the purpose)
    behringer D.I box
    DOD 6 channel headphone preamp
    behringer/phillips/cheap brand headphones (performs the purpose)
    gator case

    hopefully, the mics aren't too cheap for you. i used this setup for my old bedroom recording ( , 20dischanger - solitary), i can assure you it's working fine if not I don't sell haha. email/add me on msn

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