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Thread: Comments on recording/mixing

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    Comments on recording/mixing

    Hi guys

    I'm relatively quite inexperienced in these stuff. Managed to get together some basic equipments for simple recording and tracking. I had tried working on simple songs to familiarise with the system.

    I am wondering if there are anyone out there who can give constructive comments on any recordings softies can upload. If yes, probably when i finish up with this song i can upload (this forum cannot upload stuff?) so maybe someone can criticise it . The file format will probably be in reaper format.

    Thanks (or am i in the wrong forum?)

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    haha how about uploading the track to soundcloud or dropbox? people can stream the audio from there easily!

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    Hey thanks for the fast response.

    hmmm.. can.
    But i will think that looking at the arrangement itself will be more productive in terms of criticism. But no matter, i try to finish up first haha

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    User Info Menu is the other filehost option.
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    before I forget to mention in case not everyone of us here uses "reaper" daw and you're intending to post up individual tracks of recording. a better option would be to bounce the individual tracks at 0:00:00
    the problem is the file size will be huge in .wav and may exceed some filehost limits.
    if so either you can keep it in mp3 format (can of worms , purists will be rambling about loss clarity quality etc) which is more practical like I did for "Mix This!" link above, or if you truly insist on keeping .wav , then crop at grid/lock bounce the .wav and indicate what "bar" that .wav file starts from etc. good luck with anyone checking out your recording if you're going that direction.
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