Hi there! Our band is looking for a drummer after our previous one left due to other commitments. Our band is pretty much into mostly indie, with specks of punk and grunge influences. I wouldn't want to specify what are the bands we are influenced by (so not to generalise our music), but you could take a listen to some of the fun jam stuff we came up with recently(and see for yourself here and here)!

Preferably, we would like a drummer who stays in the east side, and is between 18-20 years old. Drumming doesnt have to be too technical, but at least know some basic beats and fills!

We currently have three people in the band

- Rusyaidee rasdeen (vocals, rythm guitar)
- Jason mok (Lead guitar)
- Evan Isaac (vocals, bass, keys,)

Another upside to joining our band is that we have a jamming setup at my place! I have 2 guitar amps, 1 bass amp , 1 drumset and 1 set of keys, so it saves all that pesky trips to the jamming studio. We're currently in the process of getting mic amps too.

We have performed gigs at several places before, a few being at orchard cineleisure, schools and a lesbian bar (yes a lesbian bar).

So if youre a fun person, knows your drum stuff, loves gigs, WE WANT YOU. Thank you.