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Thread: The X & X Japan Official Thread

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    is this thread dead ?

    listen to X Japan albums:


    plain listening, no download !!!

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    its been a year since i login to soft. wow things change.

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    X-Japan is so rubbish now. I.V , Jade and Born to be free sounds so similar to each other with those mainstream riffs. Miss the old o days , silent jealousy,X,Kurenai and Weekend. But its good to see taiji perform with x-japan as guest recently
    "In the rain, I am calling you Dear." - I.V

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    I.V. still ok... at least sounds interesting.

    When I heard Jade I just gave up. Then I was really bored so one day I listened to Born to be free on youtube... massive shock. I can't believe this is X Japan.

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    gosh, can someone what x-japan is thinking. totally ruined, they shouldnt have even made a comeback.
    "In the rain, I am calling you Dear." - I.V

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    IV is a really good live song, with the strings and such, Jade is being polished, but born to be free is just bad.

    Oh, and good news! NEW SONG BY X AGAIN!

    although we cant expect sth like 'Ill kill you' or 'silent jealousy' anymore, its great that yoshiki wrote a really nice sounding ballad, and as always awesome vocals by toshi

    WE ARE X

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    they are not young anymore

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    Taiji Sawada has passed away.

    fkin broke my heart, at least hes with hide now.

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    Musician Sawada dies

    By Ferdie de la Torre
    Japanese musician and songwriter Taiji Sawada died yesterday morning at the Commonwealth Health Center, Saipan Tribune learned, some three days after he reportedly tried to kill himself.

    A Department of Public Safety official confirmed that Sawada passed away at 11am. The official, who requested anonymity, said that Sawada's body was taken to CHC's morgue. He refused to elaborate.

    A Department of Public Health staff separately said that Sawada had been on life support at the intensive care unit after he became brain dead. Sawada's family made the decision to unhook the life support system, the staff said.

    The staff said that Sawada's mother and his girlfriend were at the hospital.

    Sources from the Japanese media disclosed that Sawada reportedly had epilepsy and a chronic illness.

    Sources said Sawada's family flew to Saipan on Saturday after learning about his suicide attempt.

    The 45-year-old Sawada was rushed to the hospital on Thursday night after he allegedly tried to hang himself using a bed sheet.

    Because of the incident, the musician failed to show up at his scheduled detention hearing on Friday morning at the U.S. District Court for the NMI.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office had filed a complaint, charging Sawada with interfering with the performance of a flight attendant.

    Sawada allegedly became unruly as the aircraft was descending in preparation for landing at the Saipan International Airport on Monday, July 11. He allegedly punched the plane's window, kicked the seat in front of him, and assaulted a flight attendant.

    The FBI said Sawada was among the passengers aboard Delta Flight 298. He was in the business class cabin when he reportedly became angry with a female passenger and became violent. The report did not mention what aroused his anger and whether he and the passenger were related.

    Sawada was primarily known for his work with the once popular but now disbanded heavy metal band X, where he played bass.

    P/S: Taiji has always be my idol, the reason why i pickup bass, though he is not that great compared to other bassist out there but he is X. RIP Taiji Sawada, thank you for your music, voiceless screaming, phantom of guilt and more.

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    nice to see you again bro slapshock.

    im heading to tokyo to watch x japan, and with loudness playing in a few weeks, theres this bitter feeling within me.

    i loved taiji, i loved his basslines... rip............

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