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Thread: The Music Lab

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    The Music Lab

    hey guys, if you guys are looking for a music school, the Music Lab is a great place to enrol in.

    The Music Lab is situated at the basement of Paradiz Centre. It offers lessons in most instruments, but since we are all drummers here, i will talk more about the drum lessons.

    The drum lessons so far are conducted by Alvin himself. Alvin is a great teacher who is given to detail, so you can be sure you are learning the right technique. He also has great knowledge on the background of various genres of music, and making the approach each of them more comfortable and less intimidating.

    Beyond drum lessons, the Music Lab also provides band lessons, where the drummer learns to apply whatever he has learnt effectively in a band context. This gives participants of this course an advantage as they will already know how and what to do in any musical situation.

    So yeah, thought I would do this write up because the Music Lab is truly a great school where students will greatly benefit from at any level of drumming or musicianship with enough practice that is. In such a time and age where there are so many choices of music schools, one might get overwhelmed, so thought maybe this write up might point some others in the right direction.

    So all the best guys! Happy drumming

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    Wow, thanks so much for the great review man!! I'm blushing as I was reading haha......thanks dude!

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    Hey, i agree with what hi said. I'm currently taking drum lessons from Alvin and he's a great drummer who is patient with his students and always enthusiastic with sharing his drum knowledge and experiences. I used to play for 6 years without any drum teacher and after taking only about 2 months of lessons, I have cleaned up my 'loose' playing and begun to pay more attention to developing proper sticking / pedal techniques + consistant timing, both of which are essential to becoming a good drummer.

    For those in doubt, im not paid to write this (tho that wld be nice :lol: )- just a student who wants to share the benefits of getting the right drum teacher to guide you in your drumming journey.


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    can i ask about the pricing of the lessons?

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    Hey Kelvin, thanks for the compliment! I'm really greatful to have great students like you and hi too. It takes 2 hands to clap really. The student himself/herself must also be willing to learn.

    rengaw, you can e-mail for pricing.

    Thanks again for all your compliments! God Bless!

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    :smt023 Yup I have long heard that Alvin is areally good drummer (my friends seen him play), and now I also know from these credentials that he is also a very good Drumming Instructor.....that's the best of both world. Lucky you 2 guys har.

    PS: I want to know something here? - You know it says Drummers learning there can have a chance to learn to play along with live Bands in a real life is this being made possible for the drum student there? - - - Is there iexistingly a School Band there who will play along with us to get the real actual experience......but this definetely is a GREAT PLUS......

    If they bring the students together...wait (say I learn there), then the group say me (Wah low bring an ah-pek in) lah?....they don't want to play with lah I am just wondering only - I do now have an existing Blues Band that I'm playing with - only problem is some of them are Sessionists......

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    Man, tks so much for all the compliments. You guys are way too kind...i'm just blessed with great students who learns fast!

    The band program is a program where either a new student or existing student can join. Usually students sign up for both an individual lesson (50mins each week) and also the band program (90 mins each week). It doesn't matter what your age is. We're actually more concern about how you can learn to rehearse and perform well in a band context. The band program actually trains you to be able to play in various styles of music and you do get out of it a much better performing musician. Each band is assigned a band director and every other week you will also get an instrumental specialist coming in to teach the band how they could work efficiently with his or her principal instrument. So all the students will actually learn to understand everyones instrument and thus learn to work better with each other.

    We're the first to have a formal band performance syllabus. We're also registered with MOE and both Roy and I have done numerous training hours for public schools. We're well experienced.....In other words...beware of imitations...hahahaha (machiam VCD piracy advertisment)

    So, hopefully you guys get a better understanding of our Band Performance Studies unit better after this post....

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    wah seh, all u guys wanna make me itch more to join alvin asap.. haha must wait till got money lah...


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    hahah quickly! lest there are no more slots left...

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    I just had my very 1st one hour Drum Lesson with Alvin this past Saturday 5.5.2007...Gosh I love it.

    I have decided to start all over again Beginning from Basic Hand Techniques. This is a New Technique to me into expediting Rudimental Strokes and etc...and I find it effective as I can play faster....the only thing is - I have to practice to get use to controlling and getting use to the feel so I can have a balance sound.

    What I love best is - I'm not just being taught Drumming (though this is Core To My Learning), but Basically Music as A Whole as I know what is install for me in my lessons ( as I'm now jamming in 2 Jazz Band ) - and this is simply great - all too often - many other Musician thinks us drummers as just knowing how to drum, but knows very little or worst nothing about what's Music....

    I say - Thanks Alvin - Music Lab is great and I enjoy my lesson very much. I learn to be more opened, playing more opened, opened to new ideas of playing - -

    Hahahahaha ! Hey everyone - who says "You can't teach An Old Dog New Tricks".....not true ley - Well I am an old dog I guess (kekekeke), but still can learn alot of new tricks and I am learning it.....

    But an old dog is an old dog - and I am looking forward to empty slots for another hour - so that I can have 2 hours lessons every week...Hehehehe I am not unlearning, I am learning to adapt new style of techniques - so that I can drum even better as I realise......there are just so many different way to play The drums.

    PS: - Oh and yes --- Alvin What you taught me I saw it in the Video by that what 5 Times International Snare Drum Winner - but of course he did not explain the Techniques as explicitly as you did for me as you make ME AND teach me get the Feel and Listening To The Sound while I play - so I know I am doing it correctly - - - Yeah...there is nothing like having a one-to-one lesson with an Instructor sitting right besides me......thanks again


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